National anthem fans at Walmart

National anthem fans at Walmart

Heard the national anthem being sung in Walmart. Walked over just in time to catch this!
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19 Responses

  1. JoeandOlly says:

    I’m just glad they still know it

  2. Paul Nesbitt says:

    Fantastic: thank you for sharing from your neighbour in Canada

  3. Jeff G says:

    Wallmart Autotune

  4. deergawd says:

    Fa ra ra ra ra

  5. Su Saetern says:

    A melting pot of people singing the National Anthem. America<3

  6. Jason Grisham says:

    This is what youtube and walmart converge

  7. lahtiste says:

    Fucking Children. yes.

  8. Adrian Paquette says:

    for the rand of da free…..

  9. Negro Speaker reddit says:

    If only are country was as united as the kids singing the anthem.

  10. Amanda Garcia says:

    This was on the news in the morning! Adorable

  11. baconisgood11 says:

    Ling ling he recording!

  12. CrazyandLazy says:

    I like the boy. He’s like idgaf let’s finish this shit

  13. LanguageMan1 says:

    LOL! This was worth watching just for her reaction there when she saw the
    camera was on her!!! LOL! :27 or so!

  14. aLightBulb says:

    why are so many peoole who comments on youtube videos a complete moron?

  15. Geography Now says:

    Aww that’s pretty cool. I mean, a little weird how the cameraman isn’t one
    of their parents but still, cool. 

  16. Aly Meriz says:

    The childhood! When anything doesn’t matter 

  17. Jose Arreaga says:

    YES!! Just awesome!

  18. 周玉 says:

    I always want to know what the scientific explanation behind this effect

  19. brunic11 says: