Navy releases video of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’

Navy releases video of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’

The Defense Department has declassified three videos that had previously been unofficially circulating in the public. The clips show three incidents described by the Defense Department as “unidentified aerial phenomena.” One of the videos was recorded in November 2004, and the other two were recorded in January 2015.


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87 Responses

  1. Trenton Pope says:

    Government: *sees aliens*
    Also government: *Reaction channel noises*

  2. Conner Carpenter says:

    2020 is going to be remembered as the strangest year of our lives.

    • Conner Carpenter says:

      King kong lol, guess I’m ready then

    • Lemonpledge10 says:

      nomnomz :3 Guys Jesus is the only truth the way and life! Repent and come back to Jesus.. prophecy’s are coming to pass that Only the Bible has prophesied. Jesus says the gate to heaven is narrow and the gate to hell is wide. It only makes sense to have one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus. History proves he died and rose again. No other historical figure has done this he is the way to eternal life, he conquered death and proved that there is an afterlife. The devil is liar he wants you to believe there’s many ways to heaven to throw you into confusion.. don’t believe his lies trust in Jesus only!!! REPENT AND OBEY JESUS!!! He’s knocking on the door to your heart open and let him in 🙏🏽 I love everyone so much to tell the truth.. but most importantly Jesus loves you more ❤️

    • Josh L says:

      @Lemonpledge10 shut up u jesus nut literally no one wants to hear this religious shit here

    • Giant Runt says:

      These sightings happened last year too. 2020 is still weird tho

    • murph says:

      @BruceLee’sLegacy it’s the end of the end lol

  3. G D X says:

    Remember weeks ago when people were saying: “what els going to happen? Alien invasions?”

  4. nikoniko9 says:

    Tom Delonge released this footage like a year ago…

  5. Jay Bisser says:

    Looks like the exact same footage they released like last year or two years ago.

  6. MaD707MaN says:

    I’m ready to leave… So welcome friends, and take me with you please.

  7. fledwest says:

    This is OLD. This footage was released years ago!!!!

    • fildog says:

      S.M. I’m sorry, did you think the space force was introduced as a measure against aliens? lmao. You do realize that satellites exist, right?

    • Rob Lassen says:

      S. I. I see what you’re saying. But the timing is just too odd, and I think that’s what the person above was trying to emphasize.

    • Bowlcut Nationalist says:

      @4200time B “an was confirmed by the head of the defense dept”
      The same Department of Defense that won’t reveal to engineers and construction workers how WTC7 fell so they can know how to build skyscrapers that don’t fall freefall speeds into their own footprint from small office fires?

    • Ninasky Antonioli says:

      Old or new. Let the people know.

    • D'jango Markov says:

      Another nigga that cant read

  8. Nigel M. says:

    “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
    -Arthur C. Clarke

    • J Striker says:

      @Balsology That’s the same as someone a thousand years from now living on a barren planet looking at a Bob Ross painting and saying the little tree in the painting isn’t really a tree, because trees don’t exist on their planet+no one has ever seen one.

    • Hamon says:

      I see this shiit everywhere,stop it

    • BruceLee'sLegacy says:

      Spoiler Alert: the aliens were splashing coronavirus particles in the ground to get rid of humans

    • LightninLarry says:

      Neither option is terrifying to me in my opinion. Mainly because I’m probably going to be dead before we find the real answer.

    • Prism Essence says:

      Actually the fact that we are alone is slightley less terrifying in my opinion look up on YouTube the great filter and click on the first video by kurtgazagt in a nutshell it explains why is being the only ones is less terrifying

  9. Nigel Soreno says:

    US NAVY: 2005 : NOPE
    2006 : NOT YET STILL
    2007-2019: NO NO NO
    2020: YASS PERFECT!

  10. brandon smith says:

    I’m pretty sure that is the coronavirus flying around.

  11. Adolfo Mclovin says:

    Video: recorded five years ago

  12. Jack Ashmore says:

    Me: man can 2020 get any worse
    Alien: boi you ain’t seen shit yet

  13. rico567 says:

    And that’s exactly what they remain: UFOs.

  14. vox vapors says:

    If they were here with bad intentions you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

    • Hey Johnson says:

      I mean if u think a UFO is any kind of good news u can go get abducted. Alien race making it to earth means they are superior in technology compared to us therefore their weapons would also be superior therefore it might just be that we aren’t a threat to them because we could never catch them or hit them with a missile if we wanted to it’s like a fly vs a fly swatter. Yeah they may not have taken us over yet but when they decide to it’s all but over. Only thing we could hope for is a ground assault against them but if ur a alien why would u leave ur ship so yeah I’d call us screwed and tattooed.

    • Hey Johnson says:

      @vox vapors keep us in fear to control us? Did u miss the entire rediculousness that was trying to purchase food or toilet paper just because of a flu bug that made it to the US yeah people are real easy to control when their scared. Probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve read. Obviously ur not the person to be getting advice from.

    • ShaLightning sha bam says:

      Hey Johnson I heard that the good ones are here to protect us from the bad ones.

    • dzonikg says:

      Maybe they are collecting the army…when i play real time strategy i always wait first to rise enough army before attack 😀

    • Annie says:

      EXACTLYYYYYYY Vox!!! See 👉👉

  15. Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

    Imagine we are just a small micro cell within a cell.

  16. Borja Obeso says:

    The news here is that the PENTAGON released and confirmed the videos… Navy did it back in September.

  17. Ibrahim Almutawa says:

    Coronavirus: going to make 2020 my year babe.

    Aliens: hold my beer 🍺

  18. King Of Tacos says:

    People really don’t understand what a leak is. Yes it was “released” years ago but it was a leak so no one really believed it but it’s just now been confirmed

    • ball all day says:

      King Of Tacos this means some1 in the world has more unrealeased evidence of alien life

    • 2playusout says:

      the question is why release it now? If i had to guess i think its to get the population to normalize this or get accustomed to the fact that alien life exists, i wouldnt be surprised if we actually made contact within the next few years or by the way 2020 is going, next month

    • ball all day says:

      2playusout lmao next month after all these years 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • owen bender says:

      @2playusout no it’s just to deflect everyone’s attention from Trump’s handling of the coronavirus

    • says:

      It’s just an asteroid like chill out, nothing special about trash/a rock hitting our planet

  19. Panthera2K says:

    Its a whole can of worms the world will never be ready for.

  20. Llamasupport says:

    Imagine you are at home and you hear “you’re the last one complete the mission”

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