NBA 2K22: The City

NBA 2K22: The City

The next evolution of The City 🏙 Experience the new layout and architecture as you journey through 2K22 MyCAREER on #2KDay 9/10.

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49 Responses

  1. Jahmeir Duncan says:

    This is what they needed to do, make the city intertwined with your actual mycareer, now it won’t feel like I’m running around for no reason

  2. Shush says:

    When LOW sees Kendrick Perkins while he’s playing he’s gonna cry

  3. Domo -0- says:

    Man they got us living in the projects 😂😂😂

  4. Recording Studio says:

    This is basically the same story with just a different way of going by completing it. Last year you met with the different agents, you met with the shooting coach. Great job 2k!

  5. Mr. Ry says:

    Stores should be in menus and the whole neighborhood/city idea needs to be scrapped. It was a fun concept but it lags the game and wastes too much time. Quickplay should be an option. You should want players to actually play your game, not running around for 20min just to buy a shooting sleeve

  6. Trae Flocka says:

    All this and the park still gone messed up 😂

  7. Joshubruh says:

    imagine averaging 80-12-17 and perk says “he had a nice streak”

  8. Jake Buttari says:

    I love how they focus less and less about basketball itself in a basketball game every year

    • Lokar Ph says:

      How about android?

    • K T 95 says:

      @Del Jones that’s what really miss about myplayer the combine and summer league, I even miss getting randomly drafted and doing the pre draft interviews

    • Pattern Shifter says:


    • KOBEdropped81 !!! says:

      Oh please. The other day I saw somebody say “I wish they would do something new instead of doing the same thing over and over again” like, it’s a basketball game!🤦🏽‍♂️ but then 2k decides to expand the game and Kinda do sum different, and people wanna complain because “they just wanna hoop”….. weirdest community ever ong😂

  9. Simply Colb says:

    Please tell me y’all ain’t nickname him “my player” aka “MP” y’all really ran out of ideas now🤣🤣

  10. Tyler says:

    They should put this energy and effort into actual gameplay

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