An all-new MyCAREER experience in #NBA2K23 🔥

Championship Edition Terms:

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  1. Joel McPherson says:

    It’s great that the mycareer is going to be about earning your keep BUT, when I am averaging 50, 20 off the bench and they still don’t start me, imma be crying.

  2. shirt bandit says:

    I see what y’all did with this. Put the player in Charlotte which is Jordan’s owned team and had him wear 23. I ain’t even trip off it at first glance

  3. Travon Mayo says:

    Was hoping we’d be able to get drafted in different eras with our my player, that’d be dope

  4. RH says:

    I don’t mind having a storyline with annoying characters and forced scenarios, but I do mind that I have to jog across this big city to do singleplayer stuff.

    • Telegram me 👉@N_B_A_2k says:

      Congratulations 🎊 you have been selected as our shortlisted winner
      Kindly send a direct massage Above to acknowledge your prize….. ..👍

    • qtrd says:

      bro facts like it took me 5 mins to get to a agent meeting when I could just teleport there. 2k needs to stop putting Multiplayer and single player in the same category I say take the city out the game or separate it from my career

  5. ImDavisss Gaming says:

    I fold every year 😭

  6. Joel McPherson says:

    They know they got creators drooling over the model city at the end. Expect at least 200 videos on that frame ALONE.

  7. DesahnGoBrzy says:

    I like how we’re continuing MP’s story this year but can’t lie my boy Cole really made it 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Schaffer says:

    Story has similar elements, but I think most of us didn’t even play through the story last year. They show a sneak peek of the layout of the City as well. At this point, just fast forward to next week. I’m still excited to play, but would love more in-depth info ASAP.


      @Sonny Cortez because online modes stop when the new game comes out.

    • Sonny Cortez says:

      I dont get this. If youre not playing story, why even buy the new game when online modes have been the same for years? At least play through the story once with your first build to see what its about. But I agree, I never play through it again on my second or third builds

    • Joe Frankenstein says:

      @Fresh Prinz i dont blame people. The old 2k’s were just that good, you just gotta hope 2k makes their games as good as those. Also 2k is miles ahead of madden.

    • Fresh Prinz says:

      @Flossondatrack 2k ain’t far behind madden lol y’all justify it because it’s the only nba basketball sim game . Spend 70 -100$ not even counting pay to win micro transactions then complain about how bad the game is then do it all over again next year it’s funny to me

    • Kenchie says:

      What’s exciting about buying the same game every year with the same elements, 2k just be milking

  9. The Wise One says:

    I just hope I can make some real VC if I put crazy hours in MyCareer. I was broke af in MyCareer with a max contract, record label and clothing brand

  10. Ronnie G says:

    We keep letting 2K get us every year. Every year!

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