NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Joins Inside the NBA To Address Hiatus During Coronavirus Pandemic

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Joins Inside the NBA To Address Hiatus During Coronavirus Pandemic

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined Inside the NBA to address the NBA hiatus during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Footage via NBA on TNT.

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89 Responses

  1. OB Speaks says:

    He looks exhausted. Can’t blame him. Not easy decision to suspend the season knowing how much revenue will be lost. But this is bigger than basketball🏀 (checkout my channel btw. Im making self improvement and motivational videos)

    • WindTheBrave says:

      @OB Speaks No. No hate. It’s just that you’re a loser and I wanted you to know it.

    • Bill Belichick says:

      Stressing everday over Shekels will do that to a man

    • Bill Belichick says:

      @Laquish Danish the huge swings in the stock market is the result of large shareholders playing games with people that only own a little stock. They sell off mass amounts of shares,causing panic,causing smaller shareholders to sell off their stocks. Then the large shareholders buy them all up at extremely cheap prices,thus controlling everything. Oldest trick that there is!

    • OB Speaks says:

      @WindTheBrave I will pray so your mental health problems are not an issue anymore. Hopefully they are not concerning you anymore

    • Bob Baker says:

      It was NOT his decision! The government is ordering people to CLOSE to keep up the HOAX! If this is REAL, then why has TRUMP and his FAMILY NOT been tested?

  2. Collin SexyTon says:

    Can we please have a prayer for Adam Silver he must be under so much stress trying to find away to please all the fans make money and also keep everyone healthy at the same time. You can see he’s stressed we love you Adam stay strong we believe in you

    • say yeah says:

      That nigga has over 30 million dollar. Pray for your gotdamn self. He doesn’t give 2 shits about you or me.

    • Pete Pan says:

      COLLIN – BRUH, WTF ??? Did Silver cure cancer ro something ??? Get off his jockstrap. You sound so utterly gay right now. Quite pathetic with your prayer BS….

    • Pete Pan says:

      @LifeisA Dream – You are asking dumb, ignorant, mostly illiterate sports fans to delve into Gematria ??? Their brains would explode. Chill, my brother. That is WAY too deep for them. They still do not even realize that all major sports are rigged…..LMFAO !!

    • Collin SexyTon says:

      GoldenStarOfGod🎶 just because I don’t know him doesn’t mean I can’t love what he does for us and our entertainment

  3. David Asare says:

    Adam Silver is just on a hot streak as a commissioner. It’s refreshing to see amongst the NFL and MLB goofballs.

    • D says:

      @Gonz Wouldgo nah say whatever you want, just dont be butthurt when someone calls bullshit

    • BULLY VABLE says:

      @Tonto Epstein He had no say there. The NBA is a basketball organization with humanitarian charities and goals. It is not an international governing body to sanction countries over their political feuds and potential civil uprisings.

      It was another example of a composed professional decision because he acknowledged he wasn’t advised well enough on the subject to make any statements, and not in any position to otherwise. Let alone Hong Kong is but 1 of many parts of Asia including China. Should he cancel the rest of China because of Hong Kong? As a business that’d be rash and illogical as it would accomplish nothing.

      What should Adam Silver have done in that scenario? With the NBA in foreign territory and relations between China and the USA, involving North Korea, trade sanctions etc. in hot waters?

      Should he have spat in China’s face? Canceled all games in China? ( which would mean the fans would take collateral damage ) Assembled an army of NBA players?

      He took the best diplomatic reserved approach possible.

    • Mike James says:

      China loving cowardly pencil head.

    • Eric Cabrales says:

      D just respect someone’s religion and stfu💀

    • 1985cactus says:

      @Zenas101 No, there aren’t.

  4. Daniel Mitchell says:

    Prayers for everyone in the world!

  5. Jefferson Darcy says:

    Adam Silver is a genuine dude. Great commisioner

  6. Despair says:

    Please be considerate to Adam. This situation must be eating him alive with so much stress and anxiety. Let’s try to chill out.

    • Dribz says:

      @WeShowYou39071319 broaden your perspective brother.

    • panner11 says:

      @Tonto Epstein Think about it this way, he just deprived 30 billionaires of one of their major income sources. He must be under enormous pressure from the owners to find a way to resume the league in a fashion that will be socially acceptable to the media, so that the sport and the organization doesn’t taint it’s value and reputation. Yes, we do have owners like Mark Cuban giving good PR addresses about doing the right things, but most owners are definitely not on that same page especially behind closed doors. Even though the league is not going on, he’s gonna have to deal with this mess and very influential people day in and day out. That’s why even if you think this was the obvious choice, it was still commendable how fast he went about shutting down the league.

    • Pete Pan says:

      @DSPAIR – You’re so right. Poor guy has lost all his hair…

    • trmk12 says:

      Shut up you woman

    • Gonz Wouldgo says:

      Despair fuck off.

  7. Srijit Gaire says:

    You know my mans hasn’t slept in a couple of days. Adam a goated comish!!

  8. Give Aways are A lie. no one ever gets nothing says:

    why my man look like 1922’s nosferatu

  9. Adam Vanderwarf says:

    give this man a round of applause, dude looks like he’s getting hit with questions left & right… Prayers 4 Adam Silver man…

    • Pete Pan says:


    • Pete Pan says:

      Would you applaud Lebron for actually driving to the arena, to play in games that he is PAID to play in ???

    • PaulBall Prod. says:

      Pete Pan yeah but tryna make decisions that cost you a billion dollars doesn’t exactly fit on the job profile

  10. Adam Nex says:

    Best commissioner in all pro leagues right now in the US, hands down

  11. HighLifeBeatz says:

    I love Adam silver he is such a great commissioner it isn’t often that he makes a bad call ! We know this time is rough rn keep in there Adam !

  12. Greg Hill says:

    👏 Adam Silver.. Im so glad he’s the Commissioner. Everybody take care of yourself. God Bless

  13. arjun says:

    I think Adam Silver is one of the best NBA Commissioners ever. Even though none of us want the season to end it was a really smart and important decision. Props to him for putting health and safety over making money.

    • Florian Hidayat says:

      he might end up as a GOAT commissioner tbh

    • zoneout0 says:

      If the US is able to successfully minimize & ultimately contain corona, due in no large part to preventing large public gatherings, we will have to thank the NBA for leading the way & other sports leagues & businesses for following suit.

    • Joh Electrix says:

      Larry O’Brien is also great because also incidentally or coincidentally he’s just doing what a commissioner does and also the integrity of the game he serve the US very well

    • Matt Oberlander says:

      CJ Dalton aye why you so salty tho😂

    • bullysportsnetwork says:

      CJ Dalton Defense??????? You cant acknowledge the fact this man is a great commissioner because you dint like the way defense is played now 😂😂😂😂😂 and might I add the great and late David Stern made those changes not Adam😂 and as far as the defense now the lack of 80’s 90’s style of play as helped the nba. People don’t want low scoring 85 point games. They don’t want defense to an extent. Now I agree some of the game could use a little more intensity but 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s the game now. But I mean to blame Adam silver for that …makes me think your just the casual fan that praises the good ole days without understanding the beauty of now

  14. chopsuey8 says:

    damn, Adam looks so old in just a few months. Saw his interview somewhere last year, and he’s in good spirits. I guess the death of the Ex-Comm, Kobe and all other stuff around NBA has its effects on him. Prayers for you Adam! You’re doing a good job compared to other leagues out there. Keep safe!

    • G Propho Loading says:

      Things start to take a toll on you man, hopefully he gets some rest & seek a little bit of peace in this decision. LOVE PEACE & POSITIVITY

    • chopsuey8 says:

      @G Propho Loading I think after this week, he should def get a rest. This is obviously taken a toll on him. He looks like 70 on this interview, while he’s just 57.

    • Bob Baker says:

      Kobe CHEATED on his wife and was NO HERO and the virus is a HOAX you DUMB FUCK

    • Marlon Smith says:

      @Bob Baker Kobe’s wife Vanessa forgave him, who are you to bring it up. Where you married to him as well or something

  15. ZhangtheGreat says:

    Adam Silver has fully won me over with this decision. I knew when he banned Donald Sterling that the NBA had picked the right guy to succeed David Stern, but if he hadn’t done so before, this decision solidifies him as an A+ commissioner.

    • Yo Mammas Boo says:

      He didn’t do shit to Sterling but get him paid as fuck. Whole shit was orchestrated to make simple minded pro blacks thinks hes on their side, as long as they heavily push the gay agenda(cough* *Wade* cough*)

    • rey robinson says:

      Yo Mammas Boo You’re so woke. I can’t keep up with this level of wokeness

    • CyberAMES says:

      @Yo Mammas Boo the Clippers is a billion dollar business. He could get a lot more money if he was still an owner especially today that the Clippers are contending so stfu with your racist and discrimination remarks.

    • Young Dab-A-Roosa says:

      @rey robinson Maybe someone should put him to sleep!

  16. T.M. Will says:

    By far the best commissioner in all of sports. Imagine this happening in baseball. Their commissioner doesn’t even have the guts to simply punish cheaters, we still wouldn’t even have an official response from him in this situation.

  17. Rainmaker says:

    I was so mad at that dude when he put that cartoon shoe in the barrel of acid on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”…

  18. jaelzion says:

    He’s such a good commissioner. He consistently makes good decisions in times of crisis.

    • panner11 says:

      He always seems to decide in favour of the public opinion and growing the sport. He doesn’t bend to whims of the owners who just care about money regardless of the negative consequences. It’s really refreshing.

    • CyberAMES says:

      He could be a good president if he wants to go to grand politics tbh.

    • AE Gimenez says:

      @panner11 exactly. He lets the game evolve. I mean..seriously we just had one of the best All-Star games in decades. I feel assured often that the game is in good hands.

  19. mensrea says:

    Transparency: A
    Messaging: A
    Leadership: A
    Well done Mr. Silver. Goodell, Manfred and Bettman, get your asses back to study hall and learn to do better.

  20. aedr04 says:

    When the NBA commissioner gives you more comfort from his leadership on this situation than the freaking potus… and it’s not even close

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