NBA Daily Show: Jan. 27 – The Starters

NBA Daily Show: Jan. 27 – The Starters

On Wednesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys pick their Western and Eastern Conference All-Star Reserves. Are Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins locks? Isaiah Thomas or Kemba Walker? Should Blake Griffin get selected? The guys debate if the Hawks should trade Jeff Teague and whether all-star voting is disrespectful to big men. Watch The Starters weekdays at 7:00ET on NBATV and get more of them on their website:

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20 Responses

  1. The Sporting Chat says:

    See how our picks match up with that of the starts. The Sporting Chat on
    YouTube and twitter.

  2. Trash Baller says:

    at school watching this lol

  3. stillthisappeal says:

    Why waste time discussing Blake Griffin’s all-star bid? He’s out for 4-6
    weeks and won’t play in the all-star game anyway!

  4. Kevin says:

    How on earth do you pick Paul Milsap before Isaiah Thomas? The
    disrespect…they clearly don’t watch any Celtics games. He’s been carrying
    us to that 5th spot in the East.

  5. david savanovic says:

    rondo should be an allstar

  6. austin reynolds says:

    Marc Gasol getting no love what ever i know it’s not his best season,but
    still better than most players they talked about..(Davis)

  7. elmair says:

    tas: yeah, blake griffin top 12 players in the league blabla you have to
    select based on the best players in the league blabla –> east picks no

  8. Athraxes says:

    I think Dirk deserves a spot for keeping the mavs strong this season… not
    the highest numbers out there BUT so damn effective! I also love Pau Gasol
    this season.

  9. Aaron Tee says:

    I don’t really see this show ever taking off like it could. hate using this
    word, but they are way too corny and unfunny for a major network. inside
    the nba has a broader appeal in terms of content and the analysts are just
    overall more interesting in my opinion

  10. Reginald Wilson says:

    Will Tas now admit that Bosh isn’t overrated? 11th All Star game is
    evidence enough to that. Also, I love Kemba as well. I’d love to see him in

  11. Justin Baker says:

    Seriously Taz gets so annoyed with these guys… Hard to imagine that he
    actually likes his job.

  12. Alberto Melgar says:

    Where. Is Pau

  13. conor Murphy says:

    wall will be in the all star ame

  14. MrStrategyGaming says:

    For the West. How can they say Thompson instead of Anthony Davis? For the
    two that didn’t pick Davis. The guy is a superstar in the making averaging
    23 ppg, 10rpg and 2blks, but playing on a bad team. As for people saying
    his team is not winning, that is not his fault since he’s not a guard, he
    can’t control the tempo as much as guys like a Curry, Harden, Westbrook can
    do. Thompson is a good player but nothing out of the ordinary, he doesn’t
    blow you away, do things on the court that make you think “wow he can
    become one of the greatest of all time once it’s all said and done”. Davis
    has that potential and it showing it night in and night out and it’s a damn
    shame if he doesn’t play in Toronto. (If he returns healthy).

  15. Paul Pierce Beats Everyone says:


  16. sylvon bryant says:

    why not the rookie jaliael okafor

  17. Triangle Offense says:


  18. tyler escutary says:

    No fucking whiteside im done

  19. jDmDiZzLe says:

    DeMarcus Cousins disrespected himself by portraying himself as a big
    emotional baby and hurt his likability

  20. Dan Taffe says:

    Kemba Walker deserves it