NBA’s Jahlil Okafor — STREET FIGHT … KO’s Man In Boston

NBA’s Jahlil Okafor — STREET FIGHT … KO’s Man In Boston

NBA superstar Jahlil Okafor — the #3 pick in the 2015 draft — punched a guy in the face HARD outside of a Boston bar last night … and TMZ Sports has the insane footage.

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20 Responses

  1. Rihards Grebuns says:

    Imagine Porzingis punching in the face everybody who said that Knicks suck.

  2. Nick Coleworld says:

    gotta get his jersey now fareal

  3. Rugby Football Forever says:

    This sums up the sixers season so far. You’re an NBA player bro, kids look
    up to you bitch!

  4. Focusyn says:

    Leave it to a negro to risk his career because he was “bein’ dissraspekted
    n’ shit.”

  5. ocean garnette says:

    jahil dont look like the type of person to get angry

  6. Chris Miller says:

    that was weak as hell!! that dude flopped

  7. NRobbi42 says:

    Most Boston fans are shit. Glad that bitch boy ate concrete.

  8. neckarsulme says:

    Hey Jahlil….you’re still a loser….LOL

  9. Sushi Boy says:

    Don’t fuck with my nigga Jah, straight from the Go #chiraq

  10. Agent Retail92 says:

    Okafor beamed his ass with the THOR HAMMER punch. hahaa

  11. js92css says:

    why is it that pro and college basketball players look so awkward in street
    clothes. these guys shouldn’t be buying clothes off the rack. they have the
    moolah to get stuff made to fit them correctly

  12. adolf hitler says:

    too bad somebody didn’t shoot that ni##er

  13. TROLLERcoaster says:

    Did he shank him!?

  14. Dan H says:

    Who’s more mad? Jalil for being a 76er, or the lakers for not drafting him?

  15. Majesty D says:

    lol hes fucked that fool up…

  16. Chris D says:


  17. Wiggs says:

    typical Boston trash.

  18. IBallisticxx says:


  19. leg “proper knee lift” drive says:

    jahil said, we got money. then proceeded to hit him with a fist full of
    cash. at least thats what the judge gonna award in the civil suit●

  20. FullerFan291 says:

    The 76ers can’t catch a break