Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

Drive into your first adrenaline-fueled look at gameplay for Need for Speed™ Heat, a vibrant street-racer where daytime is a bright sunny, urban environment and night a dangerous neon playground. Turn the key. Burn all limits.

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“Break Of Dawn” feat. Stoltenhoff (Duke & Jones Remix) Performed by Yellow Claw. I AM ME performed by Ramengvrl.

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61 Responses

  1. Hurricane says:

    2:13 “It costs 400,000 dollars to use this feature for 12 seconds….”

  2. Console Gamer says:

    I still play OG NFSMW(2005) on my PENTIUM 4 and Windows XP… ?

  3. Twisted Drifter says:

    “We’ve replaced the speed cards from Payback”

    Literally everyone: *happiness noises*

    • johan lopez says:

      U sir have said the illest facts

    • Wednesday says:

      I haven’t played need for speed for a while, last time was rivals. So what are these speed cards? Does ‘removing speed cards’ means performance upgrades are actually unlocked and bought from the actual shop with the game money?

    • Austin Howells says:

      Twisted Drifter need for speed payback the runner cars dint drift two good

    • a trout says:

      @Wednesday They were lootboxes… for upgrading your car. Think The Crew, instead of buying parts to upgrade your performance, you have to randomise it.

  4. Steve Hickstington says:

    NFS:HP2 also takes place in Palm City, one of few other available places.

  5. Gabriel Vilarim says:

    I just want a game to compete with Forza Horizon ;-;

  6. Ashfahani Alwafi says:

    When I hear it, its got surprise me that Ramengvrl song used for NFS

  7. G20 says:

    “Almost every car can be transformed…” GOD DAMN IT, FERRARI! ??

  8. Wan Khizer says:

    I want to play this game right now. I SAID RIGHT NOW!!!

  9. MrSiLenTb88 says:

    I wasn’t going to get this game

    But when i heard you actually had to earn the parts by racing and the removal of speed cards, i was *SOLD*

  10. Sian Getz says:

    Seems like this also has the lame drift handling of new NFS games.
    Why is it so hard for them to implement the old style handling from UG/MW etc.?

    • Vinícius Sales says:

      Right dude? This brake-to-drift thing is so stupid, unfortunately it doesn’t look like is going to change anytime soon

    • HMD 102 says:

      The official statement from F8RGE is that grip handling like the older NFS games might be too hard for casuals / gamers who don’t play racing games with handling of that sort.

    • Hubert Dulat says:

      @HMD 102 it would be impossible to have different difficulties of steering/controls easy=this medium=nfs mw car control hard=nfs shift car control

    • Flippen s says:

      Ehh its pretty much the same except for the some auto drifting but its not that much of a difference.

    • David C says:

      Maybe because of the engine. The engine is build for fps games not racing game

  11. Professor X says:

    Need for speed….. WE BACK BAAAABBBBBYYYYYYY!!!!!! you guys done right

  12. TeeMAD says:

    NFSU 2 + MW = NFS Heat now we can say its NFS well done EA

  13. Emirito says:

    Remember: No pre-orders
    Not to EA
    I’ve got a bad feeling about this

  14. Optimaloptimus50 50 says:

    Me: There’s no way this game is going to be fun.

    Video: “We’ve replaced the speed cards from payback” and new exhaust tuning system.

    Me: *Shut up and take my money*

  15. GameViciousNerDZ says:

    EA, just one thing.

    “Dont disappoint. Not again.”
    Darius, Need For Speed Carbon.

  16. Illest Visionz says:

    nfs… i feel like a kid again man.
    haven’t been this hard since took a piece of that viagra

  17. Effemberg Willian says:

    Day: NFS Pro Street plus easy cops
    Night: NFS Most Wanted 2005
    No more speedcards, sounds good.

  18. Edwin Lopez says:

    Like this for them to add c8 corvette and Supra

  19. Nathanael Walsh says:

    This is seriously the game I’ve been waiting for FOR SO LONG from NFS. thank you so much!

  20. Jospeh Stalin says:

    Nobody: ….

    Me and my squad at night: it nightime bois were hunting some cops

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