Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed™ Heat, a thrilling race experience that pits you against a city’s rogue police force as you battle your way into street racing’s elite.

Launching November 5 on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial and November 8 Worldwide.

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68 Responses

  1. Francesco Bove says:

    Song: NGHTMARE & A$AP Ferg – Redlight (NXSTY Remix/NGHTMARE VIP)

    Thanks me later ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)

  2. Kasparas Sulcys says:

    Just remaster nfs most wanted 2005 and everyone would be happy

  3. D joshONE says:

    Me:Mom can I borrow your credit card I’m gonna buy nfs heat

    Mom:wait a sec son I’m cooking

    Me: 0:21

  4. Quetzalcoatl says:

    The cop sounds like the bald guy from that house party game. How’s it going duude.

  5. PhoenixShadow97 says:

    If Underground 2 and Most Wanted ’05 got together and asked Pro Street to come along after their last chaotic night out with Rivals.

    This is probably what would happen.

  6. _Kuwabara_ says:

    me: we need Toyota in this game
    EA: but we can’t-
    me: 0:21

  7. Vlad Hutornoi says:

    Опять бликов и цветастости накидали. Мне походу на пенсию пора, раз такое не заходит

  8. Names Don't Matter says:

    Mom: Go wash the dishes
    Me: Ok. Let me finish thi-
    Mom: 0:21

  9. Егор Рогачев says:

    Need for speed most wanted black edition 2019

  10. aerokiller088 says:

    I’m not gonna repeat the mistake from NFS Payback, i’ll wait for the reviews.
    Don’t pre-order.

    • Cars And Zombies says:

      Sonny Boi I mean thats your opinion…. But it kind of is.

    • PrinceNaim says:

      I learned my lesson. Trust me.

    • Leo Enduro says:

      Look at all these people who are clearly the problem in the gaming community and the same people who EA feed on. Sorry NFS fanboys Payback was garbage accept reality. 2015 was 10x better

    • Star_Lord85 says:

      Sorry but i dont agree with you. I’m big fan of NFS series I’m 35 years old and I’ve been playing NFS since 1994. I never miss any NFS games.

  11. Mikey G says:

    It *seems* like Ghost might have figured it out, *finally* !
    Never preorder, never forget.

  12. Goku UI says:

    *”Step out the vehicle”*

    Sry chief thats not GTA

  13. SpeedStrengthJames says:

    Cop: 1:07 You know how fast you were going?
    Me: What’s it readin’ at?
    Cop: 174 in a 60 zone
    Me: Ahh Sh**, that’s a new personal best

  14. Advanced Derp says:

    you better not dissapoint us.

    also i demand singleplayer/online freeroam with freeroam cops

  15. Hydrauchroma says:

    EA: Pre-Order the game right now.

    Me: Actually… No tha-

    EA: 0:21

  16. Anthony Valle says:

    Police: Sit
    Dog: *doesn’t sit *
    Police: 0:21

  17. Thex says:

    100% they added 0:21 on purpose so it becomes a meme and the game will get more popular

  18. leow193 says:


    Damn, I just burst out laughing when I heard that

  19. PoKoJoE says:

    Walmart is going to stop selling tires due to the increase of car violence….

  20. Guns N' Games says:

    Pay 19,99 to start your car engine
    Pay 29,99 to start this race
    Pay 39,99 to not be arrested and lose your car
    Pay 49,99 to eject the disc from your console
    Pay 59,99 to insert the disc into your console
    Pay 69,99 to be able to use the controller during gameplay
    Pay 79,99 to win a race
    Pay 89,99 to own a Ford Model T
    Pay 99,99 to quit a race
    Pay 199,99 to own a Ford Mustang GT
    Pay 999,99 to own a Lamborghini Gallardo.
    Buy the game again and pay 34,99 to play again.

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