Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen To Science?

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen To Science?

America’s favorite astrophysicist, who hosts “Cosmos: Possible Worlds” on NatGeo, hopes that the public will pay attention to the information provided by professional scientists about the Coronavirus. #Colbert #Coronavirus #NeildeGrasseTyson

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68 Responses

  1. ALI ALR says:

    “Life lived in fear, is life half lived” Wuhan Quarantined for two months, I will take the fear and one month quarantine. Just saying

    • Terese Kain says:

      There’s nothing to fear, but fear it self.

    • Fate says:

      @Terese Kain Says a blissful buffoon. People die from their own stupid decisions and other’s. Those of us with bad immune systems and little healthcare options don’t deserve to die because of idiots in bliss who can’t even wash their hands or vote for a united healthcare.

  2. Mike kirock says:

    “Numbers on a galactic scale can have no meaning, like ; ‘How much money did Mike Bloomberg waste?'” 🤣🤣🤣

  3. raqFarha says:

    Earth rise, AND Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” both contributed to the jumpstart of the environmental movement. (Just repping Rachel ^_^)

  4. pdxbohica says:

    “When you’re finally up on the moon, looking back at the earth, all these differences and nationalistic traits are pretty well going to blend and you’re going to get the concept that maybe this is really one world and why the hell can’t we learn to live together like decent people.”
    ~ Frank Borman

  5. Ichijo Festival says:

    “No matter how many horses you string together, they will *not* elevate you to space.”
    Challenge accepted.

  6. LukeGhost says:

    “this is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes, Ebola, MERS and SARS. It’s frightening because of the combination of lethality and infectiousness that appear to be many fold higher than the flu. ” -Dr. Richard Hatchett

    • Christa L says:

      AND NCoVD19 just mutated into a form that is MORE INFECTIOUS AND MORE LETHEL. The good news about variant L, is that it makes you sick so much faster that you will spread the disease over a shorter period of time before getting sick.

    • Dana Liu says:

      Scarier then ebola? But ebola has a 90% death rate… hemorrhagic fever after all. 😅 Anyways, eventually surviving people will become more or less immune to it, this is the evolutionary process of most viruses especially the most common ones.

      I watched his interview and I think you’re taking his words out of context. He just wants the government to be more weary and handle cases more effectively, and not let it run wild like the flu. Similarly to how China and Singapore is doing. He says it’s “scary” on a mass scale because people don’t have immunity to it yet, and has the potential to spread like the Spanish flu.

      But keep in mind that medical science was lacking back then, people didn’t have good hygiene. Which is why medical professionals are repeatedly saying that people should wash their hands well and try not to touch your face constantly. Plus despite it being highly infectious and “scary” for it’s potential on a mass scale…on a case to case bases if you’re healthy chances are you’ll survive it. Where as if you get ebola you’re pretty much a gonner 😂

      In other words don’t panic, be cautious not anxious and wash your hands.

    • Mac Mcleod says:

      @Dana Liu Ebola is so little that it doesn’t spread successfully.

      Covid 19 spreads for 5 to 14 days before symptoms.

      The worrisome part is the second strain. Infection with either strain provides no immunity to the other strain. People who recover from one strain, die at a higher rate and faster when they get the other strain.

    • Molliann stocks says:

      @Dana Liu So we’re all immune to the common cold? And flu?? Good to know (snark)

    • Murph_E _Blu says:

      @Mac Mcleod They are estimating a lower fatality rate because there are absolutely cases that health officials don’t know about that just resolve naturally. It would be incorrect to base a fatality rate only on hospitalizations. Not everybody who gets it needs hospitalization.

  7. Ben Patterson says:

    “No matter how many horses you string together, you will not get it to space!”
    The Amish- “Challenge accepted English.”

  8. OrigiNate says:

    Why go to space?:
    A few of the reasons:
    An asteroid will be on collision course with Earth at some point. Preventing or reducing the severity of that collision probably would require going into space, and almost certainly will need technologies developed to get to space or things learned by going to space. If such a collision cannot be prevented, it would be very helpful to have another planet we could go to or trade with while the problems from such a collision are dealt with.
    If you have ever used a maps app on your smartphone, you have used technology that relies on satellites as part of its functioning. Satellites are in space.
    Put another way: so we don’t wind up like the dinosaurs, and so we don’t get lost. We want both those things, and there are a bunch of other things that are helpful here on the planet that come from space exploration.

    • SignifyinCracka says:

      One word: Wormwood

    • Christa L says:

      IF WE FURTHER DAMAGE EARTH in the process of sending out a successful colony, only the very wealthiest will benefit. The rest of us would be left with an even more spoiled planet.

    • SpectatorAlius says:

      @OrigiNate But even if we develop all the technology, President Emperor Trump IV will cut the funding and close down the program so that when the asteroid is discovered, it will be much too late already.

    • Poison Kiss says:

      Meanwhile, Trump:


    • Rafael Gonzalez says:

      I don’t want humans to go to space, we don’t care about our own planet. If we go we will become a cancerous civilization moving from planet to planet taking their resources and destroying it. Maybe in 100,000 to 1,000,000 years we might be ready.

  9. Oussama Nechnache says:

    His body gets excited to speak before he actually speaks

    • IMI says:

      He’s infectious! As much as I truly loved learning about anything science while in school, if I’d have had more teachers/instructors explain “things” how Dr. Neil does, I’d be a astrophysicist now, too! Then again, so too would most people!

    • Jermaine Alexander Gaspard says:

      Lol I saw that to.

  10. Fauler Perfektionist says:

    “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”
    Stephen’s response to this was absolutely appropriate. Mic _drop._

    • ilcu4p says:

      Fauler Perfektionist , that was a quote from The movie strictly ballroom.

    • Moderate American says:

      It’s one thing to create a False Narrative and pass it off as Truth. It’s another level of stupid when you retell a False Narrative on a comedy show and then laugh and cheer it.

    • Fate says:

      But we’re innately programmed with anxiety as a measure of alertness and self protection…

    • Moderate American says:

      It makes me cringe every time I hear a stupid Leftist say “mic drop” in reference to something one of their Leftist Overlords said. (Yes, I called Colbert an Overlord, LOL!!!). Colbert is somehow the voice of reason among the Leftists! A jester is the wise man of their culture.

  11. Fauler Perfektionist says:

    “Will people listen to scientists?”
    My roommate discourages me very much on this point. Word reached him that the wreckage of the _Titanic_ was visibly dissolving and he didn’t accept it on the grounds that “It’s such a big ship.” That’s it. That’s his whole argument.

    • Susan Kay says:

      Yep. But it’s such a BIG ocean, too.

    • john doe says:

      @Jesusmay David Oh it’s way too fun to see the doomsday crowd shout at the sky and seethe with hatred at a political party because they look ridiculous.

      Oh btw — ctrl+c & ctrl+v no bots necessary.

      get off reddit while you’re at it and next time you see someone quoting a _”20% CFR”_ too them r/epidemiology isn’t a great source.

    • john doe says:

      @Jesusmay David Also stop following tabloid outlets like the guardian citing 60% infection rates before the WHO has to debunk their nonsense.

      Also don’t combine sources and fatality rates, like Marc Lipsitch’s 40-70% of adult population @1% death rate, with the WHO’s 3.4%.

      napkin math on reddit doesn’t count either.

    • john doe says:

      @mark pope Let me quote world renowned _”Trump Supporter”_ and _”Science Denier,”_ Mike Ryan, the executive director of World Health Organization’s health emergencies program.

      _””Everyone is talking about social media. Everyone is talking about staying calm and keeping our populations calm. Yet every chance we get we seem like we want to accelerate the infodemic and not contain the epidemic.”_

      _””Let’s be careful in throwing around figures, speculation and scaring people,” Ryan continued. “I just caution everybody to not start throwing around figures that there is no basis for at the moment.”_

    • Jesusmay David says:

      @john doe Oh Ok… So you openly admit you lack reading comprehension and are actually a complete idiot existing solely to irritate others. What a waste of life. As for your reddit comment… I don’t have a reddit account, have never posted there and have no idea what nonsense you’re spouting…

  12. M. P. says:

    Many years have gone by since 1969. People have lost their cosmic perspective.

  13. GPLIPP says:

    We need more scientists with gregarious personalities. Politicians wouldn’t be able to hide behind lies…..

  14. Crystal Ricotta says:

    This is why I played his show “Cosmos” every night for years for my child. I love the cosmic perspective.

  15. corujariousa says:

    His speech about “why going to space is important” is very romantic and true. The Space Race created several technologies we use today in many aspects of our lives. Nonetheless, I wish we’d invest much more to enable deep ocean facilities or go to Earth’s core. I believe those goals would also create mind boggling benefits and are a direct investment in our planet. Think inwards and less outwards for a change would be great.

    • Tears_Of_Asariel says:

      have you not watched “the core”? that kind of technology would only cause our downfall lol.. also, another line from that movie that i cant remember verbatim, and cant seem to find through a search, so maybe i imagined it.. but “we can send a man into space, but we havent been more than a few miles into the earth??” ” well yea, space is easy, theres nothing there, earth is solid, hot and full of pressure trying to crush you the deeper you go”

    • IMI says:

      “…think inward for a change….”
      True on so many levels!

    • jswx4 says:

      @Tears_Of_Asariel Yep. It seems likely that it would be even more difficult to get to the molten core than going to space…

    • Rafael Gonzalez says:

      The problem is that human leaders have a primitive brain.

  16. Ken Heslip says:

    People: “A Mount Everest sized rock is going to kill us all!”
    Scientists: “It’s not going to hit us.”
    People: “How do you know!?”
    Scientists: “The same way you even know about the Mount Everest sized rock…SCIENCE!”

    • Petre Florin says:

      @TrustMeImAScientist1 observing a mount everest sized rock is science. don`t be an idiot !

    • Rez Malick says:

      @TrustMeImAScientist1 yes, observation is a part of scientific research

    • Jennie Kreiner says:

      @TrustMeImAScientist1 I really really hope that was sarcasm

    • Mick Berry says:

      @TrustMeImAScientist1 It’s not observing a mountain. It’s observing a mountain sized rock.

    • R. McBride says:

      One jaw-droppingly stupid dim bulb in here (Yes, You, TrustMeImAScientist.) and everyone else coming in and trying to correct him because he can’t seem to read a simple post.

  17. Alvin Barrios says:

    N Tyson: No matter how many horses you string together you wont reach the moon.

    Trumps Sharpie has entered the chat.

  18. sdfkjgh says:

    5:35 It sounds like Dr. Tyson’s referencing the distracted boyfriend meme.

  19. Lee Lee says:

    “There’s a bigger virus out there than Coronavirus. It’s called fear.” – Alan Cohen

  20. Edsabre says:

    “The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided.”

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