Neil deGrasse Tyson responds to six-year-old – “How can first graders help the earth?”

2014-11-13 – I had the pleasure of attending an NDT lecture at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Neil delivers a fantastic response to a child who wants to know her responsibilities as an earthling. He emphasizes curiosity, exploration, and fun: the perfect formula to get kids interested in science.

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14 Responses

  1. G Mark says:

    Well he dodged that question

  2. pezjono says:

    Annnnnd… How did that answer her question?

  3. Digital Cowboy says:

    Easy advice to give to a child you don’t have to care for.

  4. Reality Check says:

    Puddle monsters everywhere, unite in free thought!

  5. c22dividedby7 says:

    Obviously he knows how to talk to kids. You realize how the girl stopped
    jitterbugging once he got to eye level of the child.
    The term seeing eye to eye more than just a saying.

  6. Matrix8369 says:

    I love this guy, all he wants is for us to learn, thats it. The more you
    know the more you can help.

  7. Lauchlin MacGregor says:

    *just tell your parents that they’re experiments*

  8. Mulinaster says:

    2:41 DO A BARREL ROLL!

  9. johan sebastian rodriguez cruz says:


  10. Hazza Jay says:

    NDT is great at taking the complex and making it simple and easy to
    understand. Thank you.

  11. Levente Szücs says:

    Poor parents. :)

  12. Jonayofsweden says:

    That is totally cute.

  13. Itzhak Garbuz says:


  14. Alex Umana says:

    Your mom and dad banged each other, kid.