NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge!

NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge!

Check out Matthias, Sam, & J-Fred in this NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge! They’re using NERF blasters to putt their way to glory! Let us know what you think! Comment Below!
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34 Responses

  1. vickie kessinger says:

    Sam, Matt, and Joey have the funniest relationships…I love it so much!!!💙💙

  2. homer simpson says:

    you should do a nerf fortnite challenge!

  3. Alfonso Ochoa says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy sam

  4. Sarah Packard says:

    You should do a sibling nerf battle!
    Each set of siblings is on a team against the others!

  5. SamTCV/TheCrystalVillager says:

    Can you do call of duty zombies plzzzzz #notificationsquad

  6. Lol Wiese says:

    Hi love the vids keep up the good work 😁

  7. Tyler Blocker says:

    I love you guys you are my favorite channel keep up the good work guys

  8. Madison Carpenter says:

    Hey love you guys #notifacationsqaud

  9. Joab Perez says:

    These guys are the best that using Nerf guns ever and they’re so funny at the same time

  10. Khaled Walid says:


  11. Jake Engle says:

    I love when Matthias use his Batman voice it’s hilarious

  12. Jake Engle says:

    When he says where is he, where is he it’s awesome

  13. Nerf War says:

    Nice video

  14. JojoDoes Gaming says:

    LOL this was so funny I love your channel it is so amazing I watch it every time you upload, Ihave also hit that bell icon down below

  15. OneUpGames says:


  16. Epic Gamer says:

    Do Murder Mystery in real life with nerf. Basically, there is 1 murderer, 1 sheriff, and the rest are innocents. Everyone gets a knife, (other than the sheriff), but only the murderer uses it to kill the innocents, and they want to make it seem as unnoticeable as possible. The sheriff tries to find out who the murderer is, and if they think they know who the murderer is, they can shoot them. If the sheriff shoots the murderer, the game is over and innocents and the sheriff win. If the sheriff shoots an innocent, the sheriff dies. If the sheriff dies by getting killed by the murderer, or they shoot an innocent, they drop the gun. If a innocent picks up the gun, they can shoot the murderer. If an innocent shoots another innocent or is killed by the murderer, they drop the gun for another innocent. The cycle continues until either, the sheriff kills the murderer, in which all except murderer and the killed innocents wins. Or, if a innocent shoots the murderer, the sheriff doesn’t win, only the remaining innocents. Finally, if the murderer kills everybody, they win.

  17. Hariaj Watches stuff says:

    Mattias: he got my no-no spot!
    J-fred: yes-yes spot
    Perv level: beginner

  18. Aiden Illsley says:


  19. LizzyLovesDoggos says:

    Good job getting #3 on trending!

  20. ThatFairyOtaku says:

    #3 on trending! Congrats!😆

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