Never Have I Ever Challenge to reveal TRUTH!- Rebecca Maddie Challenges

Never Have I Ever Challenge to reveal TRUTH!- Rebecca Maddie Challenges

After eating only one color food for 24 hours in this challenge it is time to spill some tea. Rebecca and Maddie are doing the never have I ever fondue challenge. We find out if Maddie has a crush and do they have any crazy secrets. Even though they are best friends and look like twins no one knows everything you do in 24 hours. Do you think someone will get scared and quit? Also, who will win and can they get along without fighting even if they aren’t playing for $10,000?

Watch – Dogs Play Among Us to Reveal Their Crush is Missing – PawZam Dogs

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44 Responses

  1. Rebecca Maddie Challenges says:

    Get Ready for PawZam Dogs Video – Subscribe here –

  2. اسماء للطبخ asmaa cuisine says:

    Love ur vids

  3. Lucy Collins says:

    Aww when Rebecca said it’s like one of those weird pregnancy cravings I was so sad and I felt so bad for her x

  4. Alesha Hough says:

    Can we just talk about how cute Maddie’s top is

  5. Dan Kujala says:

    I am my dad’s daughter I forgot too say that in the other comment

  6. GamingWith Martha says:

    omg earlier at like 4:50pm it was 898k subscribers and now it 900k omg I’m so happy Rebecca she Maddie are almost to 1 millon!

  7. Tasha Kelly says:

    Everyone guess what I made

    I made a tube-a-phone

  8. Madison Robertson says:


  9. rebecca zamolo says:

    Everyday someone loses a part of there family an I’ve lost. my baby cousin my great grandad my nan a my friends an mostly sad my dad he passed away 2 days ago 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Ingrid Cubilla says:

    I pee in the pool when I have to

  11. Hadri Umur says:

    Have I ever poop on the ground

  12. Al Zahraa Almawali says:

    “Chocolate Fondue Squad”

  13. Lyssy, Tigger , and Spots!!! says:

    As Rebecca reveals Maddie’s truth (lol)

  14. jagjit sahota says:

    Never have I ever did my hair really putting stuff

  15. Randy White says:

    woah so weird. I remember your sister in high school. totally thought it was her haha.

  16. lizbeth r says:

    “Chocolate fondue squad” love your vidoes

  17. GamingWithJess And vibe says:

    me just sitting here thinking im so hungry wheni have a salad right next to me

  18. Sarahi C says:

    “Chocolate Fondue squad”

  19. shiny shinymoo says:

    , xmy ex boyfriends name touching on my friend, not things again covering up with me sweet

  20. shiny shinymoo says:

    , good night ever 18 pickles did you had

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