Never Tangle Earbuds – What Is This Sorcery?

Never Tangle Earbuds – What Is This Sorcery?

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CordCruncher Earbuds –

These cord cruncher earbuds claim to be the solution to tangled earbuds. But how do they sounds… And what’s the deal with this “adjustable” bass?

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20 Responses

  1. hady_21 says:

    this is a copy of a zipper earbuds

  2. Kevin Allen says:

    So I was scrolling past this video on my subs list on my phone. For some
    reason, just the thumbnail made my phone slow down scrolling past it. Has
    anyone else had this problem? It was only this videos thumbnail too..

  3. Stef says:

    Me too

  4. Ashley Stirling says:


  5. Sofia Bvb says:

    Making me feel special being this 5% DAW HOW SWEET

  6. MisterNiggaX says:

    if the sound is comparable to the Apple earpods they sound like ass

  7. Hexahedron says:

    Hey guys. I’m new to this channel and what’s jack?

  8. NifRachny says:

    5% is a small number!

  9. Junjun The Great says:

    Who else is watching this with untangled headphones ?cus I am

  10. Summer Martino says:


  11. Cassie love says:

    Part of the 5%

  12. Matt Mintz (spikeblaster) says:

    These are fucking stupid

  13. Mia Boyd says:

    Ayy I’m a girl how fun

  14. Krysteena Kidney says:

    I’m a lady and I love watching your videos, only tech guy I watch!

  15. Tamjumba says:

    i have no idea what your talking about i have never gotten my earhones
    tangled like a million time before

  16. InfiniteCircle says:

    That’s why you should circumcise

  17. I'm a Pepper says:


  18. Zahid Shabir says:

    always carry them in the plastic case which they were supplied in

  19. TrueEerinessJazzMile (i3e5l4) says:

    “what is this sorcery?” same question i ask regarding quantum entanglement

  20. JANGO MANGO says:

    tech for 200$