NEW “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer

NEW “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer

Here it is! The newest trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – in theaters March 25th, 2016.

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NEW “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. Stavan Bhakta says:

    Why did they release doomsday already? I also hope Jessie Eisenberg doesn’t
    act all awkward and clingy as lex luthor. Otherwise, Ben Affleck looks
    great, Henry Cavil looks great, Gal Gadot looks great. Overall, I’m pumped
    for this movie.

  2. Littleandy08 says:

    Guys Warner Bros put this trailer together not zach and Chris terrio. if
    they made the trailer maybe it would have been better

  3. I Hernandez says:

    I lost it at Eisenberg. God almighty I hate him already, and I’m still
    slowly reeling from the Ben Affleck is Batman reality. Worse imaginable
    choice for Lex Luthor nevermind a villain that I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Leonel Oyervidez says:

    For all the people whining about the plot being revealed, did you really
    think Superman and Batman would stay enemies? They are allies in the
    Justice League. Use some common sense.

  5. Deanna Gibson says:

    02:25 I knew I just fuckin knew it

  6. sg500 says:

    Damn…. I was sold on this movie untile that dumb ( terrible cast )
    looking lex luther opened his mouth. That guy is dc’s jar jar binx and
    tossing in wonder woman and her weak ass intro just screams that this movie
    is doing too much. I MAY check it out on netflix but no way am I spending
    $13 to watch a poorly scripted movie featuring a guy I want to punch in the

  7. Simon William Davidson says:

    No need to go apeshit over too much reveal. This is just a start up for the
    sequels. It’s like the first avengers movie. Providing some kinda
    background for how these guys (and gals), justice league, team up.

    Personally I would prefer a movie that would hold some deeper discussion
    about man and god. Without using the devil like a cheap trick to team them
    up against. But you know the deal. Studios need sequels.

  8. Adler Post HC says:

    Wonder Woman is a amazon, really strong and tough, has a magic sword and a
    badass shield. Superman is one of the strongest dudes in the universe.
    Doomsday shows up. They’re all ready to face him. Batman is there too. And
    he has a… shotgun??? :l

  9. Christian Alonzo says:

    wtf ? doomsday can use heat vision

  10. Ivan Boyd says:

    bet that last scene happens at the end of the movie….#pricks ?

  11. Peter Zubiago says:

    It should have ended when we hear the roar of Doomsday. That way there is
    intrigue without giving it away. And if they did it because they wanted
    Wonder woman to make an appearance, they should have found some other
    scenes to include her in.

  12. Not “The Dude” says:

    I think Doomsday looks the way he does is because he was just created.
    He’ll probably appear in the future looking MORE like Doomsday. Like his
    spikes will grow in and he won’t look so ninja turtley.

  13. Cornholio says:

    Those dry jokes are going to be the death of this movie for me. I hope this
    movie has a stylistic approach and isn’t “Let’s try to please everybody

  14. TJ Williams says:

    How did Wonder Woman’s small shield protect both Superman and Batman?

  15. ZLBuddha says:

    This was less of a trailer and more of a 3-minute summary of the entire

  16. James Acosta says:

    DC take a lesson from Disney. The starwars force awakens trailer, really
    didn’t give away major plot points in their trailer. (NO not counting the
    international trailer or the tv spots.) This trailer gave it all away. Its
    a shame

  17. Mansa Manasseh says:

    I didn’t like the music.

  18. John _Munroe says:

    The only thing I hated was how the music stopped when doomsday appeared and
    then started back up after batmans line. The end just seemed really awkward
    to me.

  19. Vampiire Lord says:

    Take that civil war

  20. Rishi Dhokia says:

    I don’t care that looked brilliant..! DC & Marvel are both sick