New Batmobile Designer Creates Fox-Body Mustang Hoonicorn for Ken Block!

New Batmobile Designer Creates Fox-Body Mustang Hoonicorn for Ken Block!

This is how we World Premier during quarantine! Three guys locked down in different parts of the country, using video chat to give you the FIRST LOOK at what might be the very next “Hoonicorn” project!

Check it out as I chat with Ash Thorp (Hollywood graphic artist and designer of the new Batmobile) and Brian Scotto (el Gigante and partner in HOON) about my love for 1980’s Ford Fox-Body Mustangs – Brian drops knowledge about where the designation “fox-body” comes from – and Ash gives you the behind the scenes of how he takes a bunch of crazy ideas and creates a fully stylized digitally rendered concept.

I’m super stoked to present you with – The HOONIFOX!

(Batmobile 📷: Matt Reeves)

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48 Responses

  1. Flick MyBic says:

    Damn, without even knowing it I’ve got some of this guys work as one of my wallpapers on my computer. DeLorean at 3:42 , this guy does some really good stuff.

  2. SSJ4VEGITO100 says:

    Instead of el gigante for Brian it should’ve been “THIC”

    • airtaiH2 says:

      SSJ4VEGITO100 THIC he is big, but can their be a #Two Hoonigan In Charge? When their is already a Head Hoonigan In Charge, HHIC?

  3. T Ahonen says:

    When it comes to forza 4 hehheeheh?

  4. Leland Holton says:

    If fox bodies weren’t already expensive Ken just increased the value of them even more.

    • Ivan Reyes says:

      Same thing happened with the cosworth. Nobody wanted it then ken started messing around with them now everybody is gunning for one lol

    • maximus west says:

      You also need to take into account the different trim levels per year. How desirable that model/trim is. For example, an 85 soft top convertible with square headlights, and an auto trans. My best friend has that exact car and it’s not worth anything for resale or collection

    • Adam Harding says:

      Should’ve bought a couple in high school lol!!

    • Jeremy Davis says:

      They are pretty affordable now but all that’s over

    • A K83 says:

      That’s because they’re bad ass. Only euro designed Mustang…

  5. jasouthouse94 says:

    such a cool look the way the louvre flows into the tail, with the wing and diffuser, is beautiful

    • jasouthouse94 says:

      Also a white monster (absolute zero? don’t know if its called that everywhere) livery would be cool

  6. Young Exotics says:

    I love it, but i would definetly make a (HOONIECOBRA) instead.

  7. Coleton Vieregge says:

    I really love the VHS esque version livery that ash did as well, probably more than any of the others

  8. Ben Collier says:

    Absolutely stunning! Ash smashed it out of the park!

  9. conman66 says:

    I’d love to see it come to life with the “jetski” livery. Best looking one in my opinion especially if you want the Miami vibe for the next Gymkhana.

    • airmd says:

      conman66 if Pit Viper sponsors it and comes out with a ken block line of sunglasses id go nuts

    • Matt Fraser says:

      If they do a Miami vice gymkhana, maybe have that jetski jump over the hoonifox mid drift? Pay homage to how this came to be

  10. PutOutMyFireWithGasoline says:

    This NEEDS to be a Hot Wheels!

  11. Leland Holton says:

    Are you going to do a spring retainers where the exhaust crosses over from the side quarter to the door, like on MotoGP bikes, so that you can pull the side pipes off really quick and swap them for resonated or straight pipes flavors?

  12. Alfa Tasteless says:

    I hope the “fox body race car” mentioned @ 7:10 is the McLaren M81, that’s my favorite fox body ever. That and the ASC McLaren Mercury Capri’s

  13. Gloigord says:

    So in a couple of years we are gonna see the 4th gen mustang 😛

  14. MeatPopsicl says:

    That snow white livery with all gray graphics is amazing.

  15. Quetzalcoatl says:

    19:37 that colourful glitch livery is so dope.

  16. John Kropp says:

    Another homerun!!! Love this, super pumped that it is a fox body. Interesting choice on the hatchback over notchback body. The white on white is SICK!! Can’t wait to see this come to life. Btw, the #detroitspeed boys are developing fox chassis suspension, perfect time for a collab? I think YES!!!!

  17. Benjamin Demers says:

    I really hope that companies go for the “road Cocaine” option

    • Matt Renegar says:


    • John Rogers says:

      It looks soo good in that form

    • The 5th King says:

      I feel like Monster would do it, Hoonigan definitely would since Ken is THE Hoonigan. Forza maybe but who knows if he’ll even have Forza on his next few cars, Toyo has white logos, Ford would be hard but Ken has a real good relationship with them so possibly. I’d love to see that look with maybe a liiiittttle bit more of a visible outline on the logos

    • willjam465 says:

      Absolutely! Think it looks best in white.

    • Pop Laurentiu says:

      I really think is “duable” specially if we consider the fact that Ken main sponsor Monster Energy has different flavours that they sell world-wide in different cans collors (black,green, blue, blue, red, orange, purple, pink, brown, one yellow is dedicated to V.Rossi and one of them is frosty white with Chromed (M letter) Monster Energy Zero Ultra – Sugar Free ! This new ‘Fox Mustang’ can go excellent with the white can livery theme.. would be easy for Ken if would just talk with Monster Energy, i’m sure he can convince them specially since these Hoonicorns are one off projects ! ;0)

  18. B Troupe says:

    I’m with Ken on this on 80’s “Road Cocaine”

  19. Caleb Oshier says:

    Love the all white and that Ash included the “HHIC” Ut. plates!

  20. Alexander Agung Wirabumi says:

    Greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩, i like Japanese Cars and American Cars, especially American Muscle Classic Car❤👍👍👍

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