New Bombshell Allegations Against Trump: A Closer Look

New Bombshell Allegations Against Trump: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the recently surfaced allegations of predatory behavior toward women by Donald Trump.

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New Bombshell Allegations Against Trump: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Evan Pitkin says:

    Hate to point this out, but sharks don’t breach for air. They breathe
    through gills.

  2. AICali707 says:

    I Challenge your viewers to look up “OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD” and and see for
    yourself how the media and morons like this guy control the narrative while
    they have basically been infiltrated The Media Elite are always backing one
    another the clintons stole the primary from Bernie and now their trying it
    on Trump, honestly look up “OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD” and see for yourself how
    the CIA Controls the Media.

  3. Beth G. says:

    These woman are very brave to come forward. I know a lot of people say they
    just want attention but do you really think they want this kind of
    attention? They will be torn apart by Trump supporters and internet trolls
    every single day. No one willingly wants that kind of attention.

  4. CaptainTaco97 says:

    The same people defending Trump are the same people who were disgusted by
    Bill Cosby. Not defending Cosby but it shows bias. Fucking assholes.

  5. Horse Power says:

    Seth Myers pretends he doesn’t promote a crushing left leaning bias.

  6. michael hanon says:

    Haha this dudes crowd noise is so fake.

  7. John Olive says:

    is it me or Ben Carson seems to be high every single time you see him on

  8. kieran pali says:

    Trump supporters are anti-feminists!!!

  9. ReillyRealEstate says:

    Speaking of people going to ridiculous lengths to defend or dismiss the
    conduct of their candidate check out Seth’s Closer Look on Hillary’s
    Wikileak issues.

  10. Rpp Wing says:

    It’s essentially impossible for Trump to be President. Only racist white
    people are voting for him now.

  11. Chris Nenshati says:

    Terrible Liberal Media bias here. Pathetic Liberals.

  12. OcarinaLink24 says:

    Stop scrolling. Stop, STOP! No matter which side you’re on nothing good can
    come out of you reading below me. Please save yourselves.

  13. Shakaama says:

    this guy isn’t funny at all. sheesh. no wonder i don’t watch teevee

  14. david woodward says:

    Leave it to the comedians to point out the obvious and seem like paragons
    of wisdom compared to the bulk of pundits and media. Thank you, Seth
    Meyers, for making America (and Canada) laugh again.

  15. chas ames says:

    Congratulations, America. We are now a third-world country that will have a
    presidential candidate on the sex offender list.

  16. GG27 says:

    BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump has been an asshole his entire life! More at

  17. Ji Hun Lee says:

    Cant wait for Trump deplorables to be gone from Internet after the election
    is over

  18. Snaggle Toothed says:

    I expected Seth to be a Trump supporter.

  19. Ovidiu Drobotă says:

    I am so tired of these shows. Vote for Trump in November.

  20. Peter Perfect says:

    A pervert, sex offender, a liar, a cheat, a bankrupt, a mysoginist, a
    scumbag, a bigot, a racist, a spoilt rich brat who inherited his wealth,
    what does it take for Trump supporters to wake up!