New fan made trailer for The Empire Strikes Back

Cameron Arrigioni created this trailer for ESB the way it would probably be made nowadays.

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20 Responses

  1. sTTu says:

    Well put together but using freedom Fighters (a Star Trek score) is totally
    out of place, doesn’t gell with the visuals at all. It HAS to be John

  2. szkokee says:

    whole movie 

  3. tdkt160 says:

    “A George Lucas Film” = All credibility lost. Oh, but hey – nice job
    ripping the 2004 Special Edition(s) Box Set DVD, including the menu. 

  4. adamstom97 says:

    If this was a true modern trailer, it would end with “Luke, I am your

  5. Allen Pilgrim says:

    This is incredible! Great job!

  6. aurora gomorrah says:

    what is the music playing in the background, please? Nerd Blender said it
    was from Star Trek and i assume they meant the new one but that still
    doesn’t help me :

  7. hero123654 says:

    name of song??

  8. Colin Bielen says:

    Via +melvin m 

  9. Mike Meraz says:

    Wow! This was surprisingly good. Its a modern fan-made trailer for The
    Empire Strikes Back. 

  10. Stefan Geißler says:

    New fan made trailer for The Empire Strikes Back
    #starwars #theempirestrikesback 

  11. mackjsm says:


    That was bad ass!! to me party 1,2,3 NEVER happened.. Can’t wait for part
    7,8,9.. I HOPE they don’t screw it up.

  12. Chazbot says:

    Very smart but it does suffer from the modern problem of showing you the
    entire film before you set foot in the theater.

  13. ElectricAfroMan says:

    Gives away the entire movie. Not a good trailer. 

  14. Peter Horoszowski says:

    It succeeded! Time to watch them again.

  15. Mathewmatic says:

    Dude. Major Spoilers in this trailer. 

  16. Ken Simeon says:

    I’m so in the mood to watch *The Empire Strikes Back* after watching this
    #StarWars modern trailer.

  17. The Lazy Geeks says:

    This has to be one of the best fan trailers I have seen. Aside from the
    glaring error (not a George Lucas film), but this is a trailer if the film
    was released today.

  18. Tim Jagodzinski says:

    It is a nice montage, but as a trailer it does a terrible job, revealing
    way too many key plot points. It basically tells the whole story in 2
    minutes. Just as the Prometheus trailer does. Terrible. Just. Terrible.

  19. Item69 says:

    It should’ve said “On May 4th”

  20. SNIP3RSHEEP says:

    a few years too late buddy