NEW Federal Reserve Rule + Second Stimulus Check 4-27-2020

NEW Federal Reserve Rule + Second Stimulus Check 4-27-2020

Today we’re talking about the new Federal Reserve rule that will affect all bank accounts as well as the second stimulus check proposal of $2,000 + $1,000 per month

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Today we’re talking about the new federal reserve rule “Regulation D” which is a change to all bank accounts regarding our savings accounts. It’s a federal law that prevents the consumer, from making more than 6 withdrawals or transfers from our savings accounts OR money market accounts PER MONTH.

These rules were in place to protect the banks so that they could have enough money in their system to meet minimum money or “reserve requirements.” The federal reserve is now allowing all banks to get rid of the 6 per month withdrawal / transfer limit. This will allow for more freedom to pay with, and move your money across accounts without being penalized.

However, there is a catch because the policy on the federal reserve website reads, “ The interim final rule permits, but does not REQUIRE, depository institutions to suspend enforcement of the six transfer limit”.

This means….the Federal Reserve ALLOWS, but does not REQUIRE this from banks, so some banks may opt out of this change and actually continue doing business as usual while sticking to their old rules and fee structures.

The second stimulus proposal for the CARES Act is now in phase 3.5, and some of the proposals include free rent, and $2,000 for each and every person in the United States ages 16 and older. You can also be claimed as a dependent, not have a social security card, or even be a citizen. After that, you will be given a DEBIT card, where the government will deposit $1,000 stimulus money each and every month for up to 1 year after the illness is over.

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56 Responses

  1. From Where I’m Sitting says:

    I haven’t even received the first check lol and you’re talking about a second?! 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll be homeless by then.

    • Alfred Martinez says:

      @From Where I’m Sitting You have to come to a realization and accept that everything IS what people say is not.
      When you go apply for a job and it reads at the bottom of the add or application, that such and such company is an Equal Opportunity Employment, and that they don’t discriminate based on race, sex, religion, etc. Do you think that’s true? Plainly, they are telling you what they really practice: discrimination.
      If you are an I.R.S. agent and come across my name , and glance at another name, let’s say–John Wilson– to who will you send funds to?

    • From Where I’m Sitting says:

      Alfred Martinez brother you’re a hundred percent correct and I’m just now realizing that me being A) A black male and B) having a Hispanic first name (Perez) that might have something to do with it.

    • Alfred Martinez says:

      And by the way, that were White people. I told them that they got the money because they were White, and they didn’t say anything.

    • Angelstarr says:

      Talking about counting your chickens, before they hatch.

    • SKM 94 says:

      @Alfred Martinez I’m white, I make less than $30,000 a year and I still haven’t gotten mine.

  2. Snafu says:

    Awww, Betty’s still crackin jokes too!

    “I’m sorry sweetie, Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.”
    – Betty White

    She’s not old, she’s timeless.
    Someone else said that, but its true.

  3. Melissa Anderson says:

    Is this a joke lol wow ok this is new… ok.. when’s this.. I like this .

  4. Iman Joneser says:

    I would love to hear you and Graham Stephan talking I feel like you guys would be good friends!

  5. eNemy UAV says:

    “”The federal reserve ALLOWS banks”” the US doesn’t own the federal reserve……who is really in power here

    • ShOwStOpp3rr says:

      like 13 Jewish banking family’s own the Federal Reserve,,i think they want to bury us in debt we cant pay back then demand our gold as repayment….FUCK THEM

    • Cruz Moreno says:

      Rothchild family

    • Wick says:

      The Federal Reserve is chartered by the Federal Government; That’s a fact. Now, if you want to say you don’t believe they best serve the interest of the U.S public then that’s another question. The U.S gov’t hasn’t done the best job of helping the working/middle class & by extension, neither has the Federal Reserve.

    • CAF 7-7 says:

      You got it! Guess what Trump is doing? He is trying to nationalize the Federal Reserve. The regular folks dont see that. Theres more than meets the eye.

    • eNemy UAV says:

      Wick I don’t think that’s a fact…..we have zero control over it…..I even recall our government asking them about certain amounts of missing money and they simply refused to give us (the US government) the answer….

  6. ROY cracker says:

    So is this how we going to end the federal reserve and remove the I.R.S. .?

    • Alfred Martinez says:

      They need the I.R.S. as a channel of distribution : who gets money FIRST ( Caucasian first), and who enthnically clean.

  7. Mason Daniel says:

    I’m still getting “payment status not available”

    • Angry Bob Ross Aw/Ai/Ad says:

      I got my update of will be direct deposited april 29th, I put my information in the day the irs website opened up. Keep waiting, you’ll get it eventually.

    • John B says:

      Mason, don’t panic! I was receiving that blasted error message too, until it was updated two days ago. Keep the faith, your time will come!

    • Kevin Harding says:

      Maybe no check for you ! Lol. J k

    • Monica McDowell says:

      Mason Daniel I had that status until Sunday. Changed and said money will be deposited on April 30th and it actually was in my account today. Did not get my $500 extra for my 8 year old dependent son.

    • Oyams Babe says:

      I just got a tip. Enter your address in capital letters. All caps and you will flow through. Let me know if it worked for you.

  8. Brian Velez says:

    Snoop is still high though 🤣

  9. andrew scott says:

    i got ssi and my 1200 is showing pending on my fed cred union app YAY!! gonna help because i need to find a new place to live it is a blessing

    • Black Gold says:


    • Oppai Sama says:

      andrew scott same here man Yay!😄

    • Cody Banks says:

      I’m a Veteran who is on SSI and I have still seen nothing about the $1,200 for me. IRS site tells me that they do not have my information. That Social Security has it so the IRS cannot tell me when I will get a check and it will go out at a later date once Social Security send the IRS my Information. I even put my Information in again at the IRS a few weeks ago since I do not have to file taxes. I have no idea IF or WHEN I will ever see it in my bank account.

    • Gaming Shows says:

      Cody Banks keep trying, it was showing that to me too, but its been a couple of weeks and worked now.

    • Cody Banks says:

      @Gaming Shows I only checked my bank account today and have alerts setup. I did not want to “Jinx” anything by trying the IRS site. Ugh…LOL :~)

  10. Dwayne Clarke says:

    When I heard 6 transfer “paused video and read bank agreement” nearly had a panic attack…

  11. Diddo says:

    Dude I was just going to say you’re so funny and I was getting ready to cut the video then boom you bring the 10 trillion dollar from Zimbabwe I have a whole box of those 😂😂😂

  12. yaseen ahmed says:

    “Roaring 20s 2.0” 😭😭

  13. Mark Zuckernotsoburg says:

    1:45 My take from this section…
    We should repopularize snoop dogg

  14. This Is Heaven says:

    “When in doubt, always regulate the d” lol rofl

  15. Judge Morris says:

    Regarding Snoop Dog, there’s a difference between all-time high and high all the time. 😎

  16. Suavè Suave says:

    The fact I could watch this the whole way through and be entertained. Lol you’ve earned my sub.

  17. N P says:

    Question: how could an American citizen not have a direct deposit option. PayPal and cash app are free and no need for any qualifications? I am asking for information not to criticize.

    • Ted Otis says:

      It’s been frustrating for me to have no direct deposit, so from my research, Direct Deposit is only available to opt-in for when you’re doing your taxes. I’ve also recently read in Forbes that there will be a new way to ‘update’ yourself to get DD through a portal that’s supposed to open on the IRS website in late April, early May. I hope that helps.

  18. DeathClover97 says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know when the 2nd stim is coming

  19. C B says:

    I can’t 😂I love the way he explains things and his sense of humor oh and the magic skills🙌🏾🙌🏾

  20. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    Regarding Snoop Dog, there’s a difference between all-time high and high all the time. 😎

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