[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.

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80 Responses

  1. Dr Hapi says:

    I love his Dyson spheres around the black holes. “Harnessing the harness” brilliant

  2. Fabrizio De Luca Svec says:

    At the end i heard a “RELEASE ME” backwards or not?

  3. Serious Spike Sam says:

    Anyway… that’s how I lost my medical license.

  4. Kra says:

    Reaper looks like Mister Rogers compared to this guy.

  5. Chris Selig says:

    Plot twist: Overwatch takes place in the Mega Man X universe.

  6. Idiot Alien says:

    I think this guy is the scariest guy in overwatch. When he was freaking me out kinda scared me lol.

  7. SparkyWolfTail says:

    Omg for the love of god make this into an animated short!!

  8. Sabu D. says:

    I’m getting a “cosmic horror” vibe from his origin story.

  9. Nothing Rhymes With Orange says:

    When there’s trouble you know who’s to blame! *TEAM TALON* They wear cool costumes cuz they’ve got no shame! *TEAM TALON GO!*

  10. Sharkey says:

    If you play the ending in reverse he says “release me, I’ve had enough”

  11. That One Time says:

    An intellectual genius with an unstable mind and a sense of grandeur. Coupled along with psychopathy and schizophrenia smells like the Boss…Talons Boss.

    Where dafuc is Mauga!?

    • Caleb Imrie says:

      I feel like he’s gonna come second after Echo. Support then tank again. I’d like to see them not add a DPS. Tanks and supports are what change the game in terms of strategy. We have enough DPS characters for at least two or three more heroes.

    • I have a management says:

      Can you survive destruction boss?

  12. Qwerty Boi says:

    So,split personalities,mad scientist,part of talon


  13. Sandwich Man says:

    I REALLY hope the ultimate is him splitting off his different personalities

  14. Emidaeous says:

    “gravity is a harness, i have harnessed the harness” … move along rein i’ve found my new main.

  15. - TCBMS - says:

    “What is that melody?!”

    *Giornos theme begins*

  16. Jacob says:

    Moira: I’m the most powerful scientist in the world!
    Sigma: Hold my black hole.

  17. Saint Studioz says:

    Me and The Boys experimenting alien technology after the raid of Area 51

  18. Dexamate says:

    I never knew Overwatch had a crossover with Megaman X

  19. the spy main says:

    Sigma : gravity is my harness

    Zarya : is my ultimate a joke to you

  20. LemmeGunVitalis says:

    “What’s that Melody?”

    bbno$: Nah Da La Da Da Da…

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