New Iceland

New Iceland

In which John hazily remembers something from Vidcon 2016, and advocates for the relocation of what will soon be the greatest mid-Atlantic nation on Earth, New Iceland.

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20 Responses

  1. bfnut says:

    John, about moving Iceland south… there is already an Portuguese
    archipelago called Açores, it’s also volcanic but not active ;)

  2. Max S. says:

    Isn’t greenland a decent halfway-spot between North America (the USA in
    particular) and continental europe?

  3. GravityBee1 says:

    i just got back from a vacation in Iceland. its one of my favorite places.
    So beautiful!

  4. Cooper Long says:

    new iceland will still be directly in the gulf stream

  5. Coco _ says:

    haha björk, what a lovely woman

  6. loner844 says:

    while the idea of moving iceland where you want it is a nice fantasy, I
    personally think it might have drastic consequences: remove an animal from
    an environment, and the whole system breaks down; remove a whole landmass,
    and it could have worldwide ramifications. This is what happens when humans
    try to cater the environment to their fanciful whims.

  7. Michaela Einarsson says:

    Hi can you please move Sweden to a better place to

  8. Daniel Foland says:

    Looking forward to the Vice Sports documentary on how this goes.

  9. LHSlash says:


  10. KaoruKat says:

    But then you’re gonna mess up the new Pangaea D:

  11. Nicholas Shpiece says:

    Can we also change the name from Iceland to Nerdfighteria???

  12. assassinblackop says:

    Perfect! Make it smack dab in the center and make it the official Olympics
    site from here on out.

  13. Nicki Nacchia says:

    I like to see Hank respond this.

  14. Flávio Cavalcante says:

    Reading some of the comments below I reach a conclusion: people can be
    boring sometimes and It scares me. Ugh.

  15. PrimaPunchy says:

    I love the weather in iceland. There are plenty of other islands around
    there. Move the Faroe islands there. It’s more hawaii-like anyway as a
    small island group.
    Or take england. Europe doesn’t want england and england doesn’t want
    europe shown once again last week.

    Or what about using newfoundisland? It would give it some use.

  16. Fiza “Krayola” says:

    I saw this video, went to bed, and then had a dream about being in a hot
    spring in Iceland. However, since Iceland itself was warmer, the water
    burned me. Thanks for the second degree burns, John.

  17. Loveling says:

    Just a heads up, John, your job is the easiest of them all, because all you
    really need to do is say ‘Hey, guys. So, like, south, huh?’ and we
    Icelanders will simply nod in agreement. Aside from some old people, nobody
    really likes having Iceland where it is. Solve the logistics of moving it,
    and I guarantee you we’ll only be grateful for the opportunity.

  18. Allyson Perez says:

    In which John Green pulls a Patrick Star.

  19. Talia Føre says:

    This is great, John. Thank you.

  20. SummerFlowNightSleep says:

    well..that was… cute? xD