New Rule: Bring Civility Back to Politics | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Bring Civility Back to Politics | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher calls this election a “referendum on decency” and argues for a return to the days when politicians could disagree respectfully – or at least without resorting to the name-calling and slurs that are slung around in today’s climate. Original Air Date: September 16, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. SkyrimEs5 says:

    Talking about congress makes me wonder, if they had lockers would senators
    start stuffing Ted Cruz in a locker?

  2. TheGetout04 says:

    Not gonna lie though, the Flip the South Koreans did looked pretty sweet

  3. Brian OSullivan says:

    This race has become nothing more than a race to the bottom. I don’t care
    about Hillary’s emails and bout with pneumonia. I don’t care about Donald’s
    tax returns and release of his health records. I don’t care. All I want to
    see, is to have both sides, come out about their policy positions, and how
    they differ from the ones their opponent is proposing. But it looks like we
    won’t have that. They look like a couple of children fighting, blaming the
    other person for who knows what, and saying to the teacher, ‘They did it
    first.’ It makes you want to shake your head in shame and disbelief. It’s
    pathetic; every single drop of it.

  4. New Message (Unread) says:

    yep.. all this talk about ‘corruption’ is really just the new word for
    ‘cooperation’.. it’s somehow become a bad thing to try to make as many
    people happy as possible – y’know.. their jobs -. It’s funny how when she
    works with people, it’s considered some underhanded ‘cheating’.. and when
    he makes deals, it’s… ‘the best deal. Trust him. A yuge deal.’
    They aren’t even polite anymore. Not that that’s the worst bit.
    Soon enough, chairs will fly.. supplying Trump doesn’t get in, and
    immediately dare North Korea to hit us.

  5. mike mikey says:

    people get the government they deserve,
    and george carlin said it best: “the public sucks”

  6. m says:

    As much as I agree with his sentiments, Bill has a lot of blame to shoulder
    here, too. He has been one of the biggest assholes on the left for the past
    decade and has contributed to this current climate of assholery.

  7. Sil3nt says:

    5:40 Sorry Bill, not only the neighbors but the whole world think you’re

  8. David Johnson says:

    gotta love how this clip is on youtube, but not yet available on HBOGO.

  9. Emil Johansson says:

    I don’t think he is like Hitler and I don’t like it when people say that. I
    would vote for Hillary I’m not defending him, but Hitler was like pure evil
    Trump is like a prick.

  10. Patrick Milewski says:

    if the governor of Maine called his opponent a “socialist cocksucker” it
    tells me two things: 1. socialism works (in conjunction with reasonably
    regulated capitalism) and 2. the governor is an asshole who is going to
    lose his seat in government.

  11. tmz85 says:

    Civility?! To expect Trump to rise above it all is naive. He thrives in
    chaos and classlessness. Poster boy for everything wrong with society; low
    information, thin-skin, narcissistic and just plain mean. Supporters seem
    to worship his anti-American value unconstitutional stance whilst spouting
    ‘Make America Great Again’.

  12. hey says:

    Bill you are the best, I wish there were more people like you…

  13. Ghost Trick says:

    im looking forward to it, I would love to see trump body slammed through a

  14. Fatima Hussain says:

    Exactly the reaction to political correctness has been to be a complete
    fucking douchebag

  15. Joseph Murray says:

    I have to remind myself that there is no difference between the people who
    enthusiastically cheered fights to the death in the Colliseum and us.

  16. MrHousecup says:

    That was Japan, not South Korea. And it happened several years ago.

  17. jeff4justice says:

    Too bad Gore cost Nader the election.

  18. Ross Hilgemeier says:

    “Ted Cruz filibustered Obama-care by reading Green Eggs and Ham, a book
    about how you might like something if you give it a chance.”

    Good god man…the irony…too rich…cant handle. Way too delicious for it
    to be fiction.

    On a partly related note, in elementary school they made green eggs and ham
    for lunch one day, Dr Seuss birthday i think. Few kids got the green eggs.
    I did and they tasted like…
    get ready for it
    *loud whisper* REGULAR EGGS…well regular school-food level eggs but still.

    Its just food coloring Sam you are…food coloring bro.

  19. Lane Palmer says:

    Great video as always Bill!

  20. CTB says:

    11 seconds in and he undermines his point. What a fucking idiot.