New Rule: Orange Sphincter to the Rescue | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Orange Sphincter to the Rescue | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill chastises Hollywood for its fascination with superheroes, and warns against pinning all your hopes for salvation on one savior.

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19 Responses

  1. Atlanta Sauvage says:

    These Orange tyrant people must be stopped

  2. Tee Bhullar says:

    I get my morals from Bill Maher

  3. Luke Guilfoyle says:

    petiton to interview trump

  4. DynamicRealTime says:

    Bill Maher has really been losing me on these last few New Rules.

  5. Just another Youtube commenter says:

    Bill is turning into a grumpy old man

  6. CaptainRidley says:

    >Complains about superhero movies
    >Got payed to be in Iron Man 3

  7. SpamViking says:

    If “Orange Sphincter” is ever made into a movie, Bill should direct it.

  8. Fleck says:


  9. Jeffrey Pride says:

    Stingy mutant turtle ???

  10. Gaurav Nivsarkar says:

    for someone who tells people to not get triggered at something they don’t like, bill sure got triggered at superhero movies.

  11. Anthony Pirtle says:

    Hey Bill, no one ever read a Batman comic and wished they were Commissioner Gordon. Don’t blame us geeks for Trump 😛

  12. Diego Molan says:

    Not true. Superheroes inspire people to take control of their lives, not give it away. Also, Trump is a Villain, not a hero.

  13. The Surly Gamer says:

    Iron Fist wasn’t porn, but I definitely feel I got fucked watching it.

  14. HitMeQuick says:

    How will Trump cope not watching Fox Nooz for 9 days? He might actually learn something about the world.

  15. Skyler Isaac says:

    Sorry Bill, but you don’t get to blame superheroes for Trump. Such reasoning is idiotic, and very unlike you.

  16. Diana Burke says:

    It was funny but it lost me on the logic. Most superhero stories are told in first person perspectives, ie we don’t as audience members feel like we’re being saved by Superman, but that we are Superman. Not to mention there’s really nothing that this emergence of comic book fandom has done to help Trump.

  17. 37Dionysos says:

    Hollywood: a closed sterile circle-jerk of infantile, incestuous idiots making sure America’s real talent and creativity won’t ever get seen—and they tell us “this is what people want.” Like they ever asked…

  18. Daniel Isaacs says:

    Some needs to throw Trump in Arkham Asylum.

  19. Ilay Salem says:

    This is a perfect analogy…

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