[NEW SEASONAL MISSION] Storm Rising | Overwatch

[NEW SEASONAL MISSION] Storm Rising | Overwatch

Overwatch archive decryption complete. Strike team deployed.
Fight in the streets of Havana as Tracer, Winston, Genji, or Mercy to extract a high-ranking member of the Talon organization and unlock pieces of the past with over 100 items from last year and many new ones—including highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.
These archives are yours to explore starting April 16.

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87 Responses

  1. JSmith18 says:

    My boy Winston! Nice!

    Not sure why Tracer needs a motorcycle, but, okay.

  2. Jaygar says:

    Let’s see. Winston can flip cars, Tracer and Genji can obliterate everything, and I guess Mercy’s there for moral support.

  3. bungi fish says:


    Genji: RULES OF NATURE!!!

  4. Mennh ahmed The Mangle says:

    _Genji:ANGELA! I Need-_
    *_*Mercy Has Left The Mission*_*

  5. dufflezthespirit nerd says:

    …..what if you had to actually knock cars over as Winston ride the motorcycle as tracer keep up with tracer on it as mercy and slice the car as genji..

  6. octahedron of flavour says:

    Mercy shooting a heavy assault with a pistol ?

  7. Truitt 1229 says:

    I think everyone is just gonna insta lock Genji and I’ll be left with Mercy

  8. Kuchen Pro says:

    I want Genji slicing a car as a highlight Intro!

  9. Subscript says:

    I love how they made Genji such a badass agane.

  10. Marie Matějková says:

    *sees an omnic but it isn’t zenyatta*

    *sadly goes back to waiting for zen lore*

  11. Hector/Nacho Guardado M says:

    Lets be honest, Uprising is the best event in Overwatch, apart from Halloween Terror.

  12. Zacynthius - says:

    Genji went full Joker.

    _[Sees car barreling towards him]_
    *”C’mon, hit me! … HIT ME!!!”*

  13. Ha m says:

    Maximilianmus: *does face reveal*
    Overwatch at 0:24: “we waited a long time for Maximilian to show his face.”

  14. Egg says:

    Community: oh ma gah cars!Bikes!

    • wUnp says:

      well for normal people its obvious that cars and bikes are going to be cutscenes or highlight intros like tracer on bike xD stupid people saying WOW we are going to ride a bike as tracer…

    • KrowplexMusicHD says:

      Blizzard has left the chat.

  15. Alpha Pax says:

    Genji: “To show you the power of dragonblade I sawed this car in half”

  16. HeroX says:

    If we get to play as tracer on a hover bike, I’ll jump through my window

  17. William Fog von Qualen says:

    Aight… im insta-locking Tracer even harder now

  18. daft mindz says:

    So that’s why there was job opening for someone to code vehicles in 2017…

  19. Zovers says:

    Please make that Omnic Mafia boss into a playable Overwatch hero -I’ll main him to the rest of my days

  20. William Pelloski says:

    Overwatch: Destroys whole town and captures Maximmilan
    “We did it! We did it!”

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