New video from dramatic Thailand cave rescue

New video from dramatic Thailand cave rescue

Rescue teams have safely pulled out four boys who were trapped deep inside a cave in Thailand for more than two weeks. CNN’s David McKenzie has the latest.

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86 Responses

  1. Jackson Neumann says:

    Hope they okay

  2. Hannah Matorino says:

    Hopefully they all get out!

  3. Mz Lee says:

    They must be exhausted…Their families must be exhausted. I hope they make it out alive.

    RIP to the Seal who gave his life for his fellow men. 💜

  4. The Addams says:

    Oh my, those por kids. I pray they are safe and sound!

  5. Jamal Mathers says:

    Such strong kids…Pray for them🙏or send love if you’re an atheist

  6. Marshall Lane says:

    God bless these rescuers. They have families and loved ones they’ve left at home so others may live. Let’s keep the boys,their coach and these true heros in our prayers. They live by the mantra “so others may live” .

    • Teatua Lasi says:

      Zubi Zahmad a Akbar son of satan

    • Marshall Lane says:

      carol Lund Please don’t bunch us all together. I’m a Christian and I dislike Trump and his policies. Thats a statement that I can agree with.

    • Tornado Girl says:

      carol Lund says you

    • Ojou sama says:

      I guess it’s because we all express sympathy when something bad happens and then relief when a rescue is successful. However only Christians would make it about themselves and their religion, and how they believe their prayers sent a supernatural god to save the day because they don’t think the humans in a 95% Buddhist country are capable.Maybe Christians should pray for some insight into humanity while the rest of the world hopes things progress safely because of the risks the rescuers are taking.

    • NeWx89 says:

      Carol, that’s a no true scotsman fallacy. There is no such thing as a true Christian. Also, that is collective thinking you are doing, we are all individuals and we are more than our beliefs.

  7. eiram54 Hebrew says:

    Americans are praying for you all.

  8. Susan Dougherty says:

    The coach is still in the cave with 8 boys. 4 of the boys made it out and are at the hospital. Sending prayers.

    • im potato says:

      Cultural Chia the weakest was the coach but he still inside the cave

    • PUM 19 says:

      Amarah smit there is a doctor from Australia in the cave. He is the one who decides which ones are ready to go and who will goes first.
      For health condition, the coach and 2 boys are weak. They didn’t say the names of those 2 boys in the news.
      The rainy storm is coming. Let’s pray for them.

    • Scott Saldivar says:

      The couch was one of the first cause he was malnourished after giving any food he had to the kids.

    • Charlie FunBoy says:

      Nel Turner how would you know that? I think you’re projecting

    • DatCoolMolecule says:

      Prayers couldn’t get the boys out. Brave men did. Fuck your God he didn’t do shit

  9. DEAR TRACY J says:

    Many prayers for the children and coach and the rescue team.

  10. Sergio ً says:

    This operation is insane. May God lead these boys and everyone contributing home healthy.

    • John Ferguson says:

      They are Thai. You idiot.

    • Daniel says:

      Sergio ً no God doesn’t exist.

    • NeWx89 says:

      You will all BURN IN THE ETERNAL FAME and freedom given to us by our true liberator, Satan! God is a dick and satan is slick. I’m making me a circle, a cute little pentagram; conjure thee, I conjure thee, I raise thee mighty Pikachu; aid me now to catch them all, dark demon lord of thunder. I read a book of might and power and learned the secret arts; came to me arcane true did from the old pages of Harry Potter. To the Sabbath I flew, there Satan told the true; “the universe is big and old, and vacuum rule the void; as for man, the humanoid he is but an atom. A tiny speck in endless space forever drifting darkness. Far beyond explodes a star, a massive supernova; it’s light and spark will reach our dark after three megaannum. Now look inside, you have no soul, there is but only neurons.” Did you read this far? Congratulations I guess, bunch of gibberish this was, eh?

    • superscooper18 says:

      What people don’t realize is that when they bash and belittle Christian beliefs, they are the ones being judgmental as well. If you believe let’s respect that, if you don’t let’s respect that as well.

    • Mr Flame says:

      Carl Sims shut… up!!

  11. young Lotto says:

    Thank God for listening to my prayers.

    • Ace Of Spades says:

      Blind Freddy are you going through blasting pepole you are thanking god, it so then stop it

    • Vikash Bhalla says:

      Thank God for putting them in harms way so that you could pray and he could hear your prayers so that he could save them. God works in mysterious ways.

    • Dozo G says:

      Vikash, It really sounds like a elaborate way for ‘god’ to prove himself to his followers. Create a problem, then solve it to be the hero.
      Like the man who threw a child in the river , then rescued it and got praised in the papers.
      Or more recent, like the way trump almost triggered a war with North Korea in order to get his hands on a piece prize.

    • DatCoolMolecule says:

      Dave Medina do you not know about monsoon season? God didn’t answer your prayer; nature did

  12. Camille F says:

    Good thing Thailand has universal healthcare for those boys!

    • Erika Erikson says:

      I’ve only got galactic health care! What if I get sick outside of our galaxy? I’ll have to pay for treatment myself!

    • Camille F says:

      Erika Erikson ummmm are you trying to make some point? Makes no sense

    • Vikash Bhalla says:

      yeah, if this was in america, the boys families would have to set up go fund me’s and when they pull them out of the cave they would do the wallet biopsy first. At least emergency services are socialized so they would actually get rescued.

  13. danceballetacro says:

    Praise God! 4 Rescued! Lord please bring them all out safely!!! In Jesus Name! Lord please let the world know the power You have over elements and including the ability to SAVE!

    • WalknTalknStevnHawkn says:


    • John Halvarsson says:

      You’re pretty disrespectful against the divers and rescuers who literally risk their lives. God has nothing to do with this

    • Verity says:

      Yes….PRAISE GOD! Psalm 147:1-12 and Deuteronomy 32:39

    • empbac says:

      You’re a culty. Your prayers mean absolutely nothing. Go review the history of humanity, then come back and tell us God intervenes in people’s lives.

      Bugs me how whenever there’s a massive rescue effort so many people give prayers and thank God, yet these people aren’t the ones actually conducting the rescue, nor do they interact with the rescuers, so they almost literally just blow a kiss to the stars and hope for the best and pretend they’re essential to the process. In reality, such people are hopelessly ignorant and would do nothing but get in the way if they _were_ on site.

      Doctors never get the thanks; EMTs never get the thanks; nurses never get the thanks; rescue teams never get the thanks; it’s always that invisible ‘god’ who got everyone into that horrible situation to begin with that gets thanked. It’s a miracle that most of the miners got out from the mine collapse, right? Well what about those that die? What about the collapse in the first place? What’s the opposite of a miracle? A curse? So god has a curse/miracle cycle to fuck with us or what?

      God doesn’t save people; people save people.

    • Scott Saldivar says:

      Empac youre a dipshit thinking all those people dont get thanx. Go take a chill pill you antichrist dweeb.

  14. savannah haines says:

    Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scuba tanks 😊

  15. Yari Mari says:

    Can’t believe some trolls are still blaming the poor Coach!
    The way I see it… Boys will be boys, this could’ve happened to them with or without their coach, but I am so glad he’s in there with them because surely he’s been keeping them positive and fighting. I heard that he was the one who taught the kids how to save their flashlight batteries by only using one flashlight at the time and only use it to look for water to drink. When the first British divers found them, they still had a working flashlight! Think about that, people, they survived 9 whole days in there without food and I am sure the coach was the one reminding them to drink their water regularly. That man will be the last one out… I have no doubt that he will stay behind until all of his boys are out and safe!


  16. Nx Doyle says:

    Forget gods. Let’s give props to the rescuers and hopefully, the calm resolve of the kids and their coach.

    • baddogonline says:

      Listen to the media refer to these brave MEN as “rescuers”. They never give MEN credit for the great things MEN do. There’s not even a woman within 20 miles of that cave. But, when they make the movie… it will be another all female Ghostbusters disaster.

    • Charlie FunBoy says:

      There is no god… stop being so childish and silly…. grow up and stop believing in invisible wizards that live in the sky… lol.. silly goose

    • Charlie FunBoy says:

      If god had no “interferences” in placing them in harms way, why would he have anything to do with protecting and saving them?? lol.. you’re silly believing in invisible wizards in the sky…. ha ha

    • Charlie FunBoy says:

      I’m not blaming god.. I don’t even believe in the invisible man….. but you can’t say something is going to save them when it didn’t have anything to do with putting them in harms way…. you’re just being childish. Stop believing in fairy tales and be an adult.

    • Charlie FunBoy says:

      What? lol

  17. ZogoodTravel says:

    Thank you so much for all concerned.
    Appreciated for all support the kids !
    I’m from Thailand 🇹🇭
    I pray for them everyday 🙏😘

    • ZogoodTravel says:

      Thanks same to u.
      Oh don’t forget subscribe CNN pls!
      Night !

    • J G says:

      FourDollaRacing that obsession with ladyboys is suspicious man, maybe you like the c@ck in your butt

    • Prizzy says:

      Nah she is not ladyboy she is a thai hooker. She fuck with tourist for money or for feeling cool like all thai womens make it. 90% of the girls in thailand are like this. And the most sex tourist are from Britain and Australia . And the most pedophile from britain. Disgusting humans go die….

    • Repent ye Sinners says:

      America is with you Thailand! 🙂 Millions here have been praying to God to deliver you all safely

    • de real ceeday says:

      I play fortnite

  18. jossylopes says:

    2km inside the cave. That’s extremely far for a cave dive.

  19. Syrtech says:

    129 heartless people dislike just because it’s cnn and are too big of a baby to keep politics out of it and just for a second care about the kids

  20. REAl REAction says:

    CNN is fake news

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