New York Gov. Cuomo Makes Coronavirus Announcement | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

New York Gov. Cuomo Makes Coronavirus Announcement | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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New York Gov. Cuomo Makes Coronavirus Announcement | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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77 Responses

  1. Mick Peacher says:

    Should have grounded the planes weeks ago! It’s now in almost every country in the world!

    • Diana Lee says:

      or maybe we shouldn’t rely on authoritarian govts and the #WinnieHappyOrganization. We were officially pandemic on Feb 10th by their own definition.

    • Harpoon_Bakery says:

      Meanwhile restaurants and bars are breeding grounds for COVID-19 and remain open across the USA along with theaters, Malls, and airports. a total disaster is waiting to happen .

    • Vicky Lawrence says:

      President Trump closed borders to the Chinese February 2 and Cuomo and other Democrats called Trump Racist and XENOPHOBIC.

    • Diana Lee says:

      Vicky Lawrence The New Rochelle cluster was from someone who traveled FROM IRAN. There was also no preparation to ensure medical supplies, tests, household essentials, and medical care.
      They did not prepare at all.

    • Jason Bonne says:
      Evidence of new coronavirus transmission from the United States to China.

  2. Eric Hernandez says:

    The Gym, Bars and Casino?… Ppl out there really live like the jersey shore tv show… oh no, how will we GTL⁉️😂

  3. Kandecid says:

    Video starts at 12:27

  4. bbuteo says:

    12:30 begins at

  5. bbuteo says:

    i have to agree with Cuomo despite not liking him

    • ching chief says:

      bbuteo he done a good job recognize the virus unlike trump watching Italy collapse and said the corona just like flu not big deal

    • ching chief says:

      Jason Bonne 50 cent army go back to china
      Everyone know the virus is come from your lab
      Wuhan wuhan wuhan

    • V J says:

      @Tan Le agree or guidance as when to ramp up restrictions.

    • Barry Chung says:

      I don’t know the politics of US, but only paying attention during this crisis, but you can really see those that are really trying hard and doing things for the public, vs. ppl that’s only serving their own interests.

    • josh johnson says:

      Agree, it makes sense

  6. MegaPerson012345 says:

    This man has my respect. He has really stepped up to protect people. Thank you! Gov. Cuomo!

    • Meso Anto says:

      Yeah too bad he allow partial birth and born alive abortion !
      I mean those are people who really need a protector.
      Now we have a grown man trying to play the I love you all
      nanny governor.

  7. Xiao-Long Wang says:

    As a Chinese who knows the severity of the coronavirus, I would say that Cuomo is a capable leader and Anthony Fauci is a competent expert. They are saving the country.

    • Jamey Craig says:

      @Xiao-Long Wang This is All merely a diversionary tactic and ploy. Prepare Now my friends.

    • Harpoon_Bakery says:

      @Jordan Talbot it won’t disappear until August according to Trump. So that’s a good thing, we at least have an end-date. I am very relieved about this now. He just announced it on CNN & FoxNews

    • Wayne Berry says:

      @Harpoon_Bakery trump is ignorant and so is fox news. Trump was telling everyone it is a hoax.

    • Harpoon_Bakery says:

      @Wayne Berry Trump has handled this virus very very well. He stopped the influx of people from China right from the get-go. Biden said it was xenophobic to do that. So, you can’t have it both ways…. he mitigated the virus, plain and simple. Do you read the news?

    • Cynthia Pope says:

      right while our president speaks for 5 minutes and says everything is good lol everything is good

  8. PokeGymMaster0 says:

    Hotel bedding needs to be cleaned after every customer they normally do not wash comforters just sheets and this needs to change

    • AA Sharp says:

      Michelle Clark you don’t know crap about frequencies or 5G technology. Keep watching YouTube scaremongering conspiracy theorists that easily manipulate weak minds.

    • Harpoon_Bakery says:

      people will not stop traveling for work…work has to go on, motel stays have to go on. little motels need to have coronavirus sheet tests

    • The Yellow Cursor says:

      Not even sheets in some investigative reports. It’s not feasible to wash, clean, disinfect everything up to spec after every guest. It’s a balance between “good enough” standards and how much a worker can dedicate to it. I believe one news reporting I witnessed said a maid had on average 10 or 15 minutes to clean an entire room and get it ‘ready’ for the next guest. Perhaps even less. Consider how much a maid/house cleaner needs to clean in any given shift of 8 hours (more likely, less hours, part time hours to save on benefit coverage for the employer, etc.) then you consider how many rooms or other duties they need to complete in that time and it’s easy to understand how the emphasis is more on making it look presentable than actually doing an effective job. To that end, they were using UV lights to expose germs and the results were quite shocking. They also employed some hidden cameras in their ‘sting’ operation and they witnessed some maids using the same cleaning rag for cleaning the washroom sink as the toilet seat so you can well imagine the cross contamination is quite ripe in that method.

    • Jeffrey Hogueison says:

      @Montaine M I sleep in my car or camp somewhere in small tent to sleep Save money and your life

  9. Luther Portnoi says:

    We were better prepped in 1952 for major crises than now….pathetic considering how much we pay in taxes for the elected so-called ‘brains’ to run things.

    • Bat Boy says:

      Governors doing what the president can not / will not do.

    • The Perverted Monk says:

      Its a real sad situation. Hopefully people open their eyes a bit. Theres many, many countries who learned from our original model who offer free healthcare, paid maternity/wedding leave, extensive breaks, short work weeks and a laundry list of other things they tell us are impossible to do here 😔

    • Joe Hernandez says:

      Be the change you want to see

    • RetiredGuy Adventures says:

      Smart people voted for brains. Everybody else voted for trump…

    • TheArgos12 says:

      Attempting to handle one crisis does not negate all the other terrible ideas and policies a governor holds to.

  10. Luther Portnoi says:

    Our phenomenal increased testing has led to phenomenally HUGE cases of positive results!

  11. Car Kingz says:

    Yes Cuomo so far has been the best guy handling this issue! He handles it professionally also! Wish he works with Ohio.

  12. Old Hippie says:

    Maybe it’s because I was born in Brooklyn, but I find the Gov’s voice somewhat comforting, even if I don’t understand or agree with what he is saying. For example, in addition to the Army Corp of Eng, get ALL the Combat Engineers from Ft. Carson (shout out to the 4th) and anyone else in the military, active or not. Seems that’s how China got thru; they had all hands on deck, public sector / private sector / military – everyone who could do, did.

    btw, I just did the math for that nightmare number (but I can’t do math) and I come up with about 43 million people would need hospital beds (at 60% infection), and did the Gov say we have just 50,000 beds? Ok, I have no idea how many the rest of the states have, I assumed the same as NY, that yields 2.5 million total beds. But, won’t some already be full, like 60% of those? So that’s now 1.5 million beds for 43 million patients? That can’t be right.

    • Hattie Carlis says:

      Say that again for the people in the back!!

    • Brighton Babe says:

      Planning assumption for UK is 8 million hospital beds will be needed. I think that’s 10%. So in the US planning assumption should be 43 million.

    • Hattie Carlis says:

      @Brighton Babe Please forward that wonderful assessment to your VP Pence!! He needs all the help he can get!!

    • daniiel mlinarics says:

      Why do you think so many young people occupy h beds in italy?
      Bcs they are ‘more worthy’ of saving many times more of older people in need doesn’t even get a chance of survival nor they get a chance of a funeral till they dieing like flies!

      Yes, it is that bad, and folloving it closely can’t say it’ll be better in us, it can only be worse giving capabilities and number of people in need giving the lack of timely precautions..

    • Hattie Carlis says:

      @daniiel mlinarics you got it, we can’t even begin to comprehend this entire situation. We can’t move past toilet tissue and basketball games.

  13. Whitney Pyant says:

    All casinos, movie theaters, gyms, and restaurants are closed starting at 2pm in Michigan.

  14. Will Shealy says:

    I really feel for New York City right now. It’s almost impossible to do social distancing in a city like New York. Praying for you guys!

  15. Hector Holguin says:

    Sounds like Marshal law is coming

  16. Charles Nguyen says:

    The first question was about gyms? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. # truthbetell says:

    I wonder how many Americans still believe in God and is praying for this virus to end SOON. Praying for the medical professionals that takes care of us and for their great wisdom. These people needs out prayers more than ever.. they have families too .
    Cuomo, good points though. 👍

  18. K. Peralta says:

    Finally somebody with his feet firmly on the ground. whew.

  19. Jia Yu says:

    Finally… This must be a national effort.

  20. Steve Leighton says:

    Guess how many people that live paycheck to paycheck just got laid off and completely screwed over by this.

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