NF – TRUST (Audio) ft. Tech N9ne

NF – TRUST (Audio) ft. Tech N9ne

Official video for “TRUST (feat. Tech N9ne)” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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49 Responses

  1. Specular says:

    This is gonna be insane.

    Edit: It was insane.

  2. SammyGreen says:

    the collab we didn’t know we needed so bad

  3. Ty A says:

    I’ve been listening to Tech for 20 years and I’ve noticed that both him and NF are basically the only rappers capable of making opera work in their songs.

  4. Stardust Ether says:

    Everyone turns a chopper while collabing with Tech.

  5. Ziad Mraish M.R.K says:

    Even without the music video, NF can portray the story so vividly with just words.

  6. Yumy Apple says:

    “Could it be ’cause I’ve been the go-to when it comes to depth?” Yes, you are.

  7. Lucas nash says:

    Love how hopsin and tech both chose too respect nf’s legacy and not curse at all 💯

  8. Bert Pasquale says:

    “My life is not what it was” — it’s been a long journey, got my balloons — LET’S GO!

  9. Koblac says:

    Returns: I’m NF’s fastest song!
    Pay My Dues: No I am!
    what was that, punk?
    Trust : *amateurs*

  10. LanTy Fishing says:

    “Drop a song out of nowhere and all the fans embrace it”— NF

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