NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday.

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Links to the stuff I used (not sponsored):

Sound board:



PA Speaker:

12V to 5V inverter:

Train Horn:

Less expensive version:

Courtesy Honk WAV file:

R2D2 WAV file:

0:27- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
2:18- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
3:20- Dance- Danijel Zambo-
4:38- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
5:33- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I customized my car horn to play three different sounds. The main sound is the “Courtesy Honk” which is used to get the attention of other drivers in a non-emergency scenario. It’s two quick chirps of the horn that is not only friendly sounding, but it’s not as loud as a normal car horn.



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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20 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday. Sorry this video was delayed for a bit but you get another new video in just a couple weeks. It’s my second Guinness World Record holding build and it’s cool.

  2. AirCannonChannel says:

    Nice finally a new video from you! I like! 🙂

  3. Big Idea Canvas says:

    This is so spot on. I’ve thought about this so many times. Great job!

  4. Luke Callaghan says:

    It’s my birthday soon please wish me a happy birthday

  5. Krishna B says:

    go to shark tank

  6. Nancraft says:

    I think this might be able to be done on a Tesla with an over the air update but I’m not entirely sure 🤔

  7. Seba Pincheira says:

    3:54 That Doppler effect though.

  8. super minecrafter says:

    100th comment! !!

    i know no one cares! !

  9. Flackten says:

    haha the fidget spinning kids :,D

  10. TheCrap says:

    This Technically would be considered ilegal if it goes over 150 Sound Gramatic Waves

  11. Anthony Rollins says:

    I honestly forgot I was subscribed to you

  12. Jimmy Dali says:

    Four ways to communicate in a vehicle: Turn signal. Horn. High beams. Middle finger.

  13. Eggsr2bcrushed says:

    two *faggots* are taking their sweet time crossing the street while *autism* spinning

  14. Brandon says:

    Lmao what if you accidentally hit the train one when you’re trying to do a courtesy honk?

  15. Daniel Esen J. Oliviėr says:

    Best Car porn ever!

  16. joshjooh says:

    0:35 *4 ways dood. Turn signal, Horn, high beam, and rev up.

  17. Chris BH says:

    your Amazon horn link is bad. it leads to the amp.

  18. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

    I waited almost a month for a 5 minute video?!? uhg bummer. I love these videos so much, you should have done more horn reactions!

  19. Masha Varnacheva says:

    ❤️ *Тhė bоуs! rȧtе mу intimatė photos рleasė!)* Cliсk the link ➤➤➤

  20. Carmai7 says:

    I want a horn that says ” F%$# you! “

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