Nick Jonas Explains His NARB at the Young Hollywood Awards

Nick Jonas Explains His NARB at the Young Hollywood Awards

Nick Jonas tells Jimmy about the time he ate a marijuana lollipop before presenting at the Young Hollywood Awards.

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Nick Jonas Explains His NARB at the Young Hollywood Awards

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20 Responses

  1. thinkfloyd312 says:

    Who is he?

  2. Anjumul Hoque says:

    Weed candies are dangerous, they make people think things like the world is
    going to end etc and suicidal thoughts

  3. MaghettiSpaghetti says:

    He’s so cute! ?

  4. Slap-Happy Pessimist says:

    I can feel he’s trying hard to be funny, and it’s a little off-putting.

  5. strongpillow says:

    There is no way that happens on a weed lollipop. More like an LSD or
    Ecstasy lollipop. If you’re hearing voices and are still messed up after a
    good night’s sleep that was laced with some hardcore shit.

  6. How To Life says:

    Watch our videos! Jimmy Fallon is funny!

  7. Dd Bb says:

    I’ve never heard even one of this guy’s songs, but that was a pretty funny

  8. André Irie says:

    That’s how I feed my eel

  9. Katie Kurylo says:

    i freaking love him. he laughs at himself. awesome trait

  10. Jim Zal says:


  11. Taylor Strode says:

    all time favorite interview lol

  12. Whitey Whitman says:

    No talent Nick Jonas and no talent Jimmy Fallon having a pretend

  13. Anne Carmella Sapasap Catena says:

    When he said “girlfriend” I was like WUT

  14. thefionaadventures says:

    omg, poor guy ?

  15. Kenzie D (kenziejonas101) says:

    2:13 When you’re on tour, you gotta be serious. You gotta focus on the
    stuff you gotta do. If you mess up, it would not be good. Just gotta focus,
    get things done real real good-Joe Jonas 2010. Who remembers this?

  16. MyAwkwardAzn says:

    The struggles of getting a narb and having to present in front of the

  17. gladitsnotme says:


  18. Itzel Hdez says:

    His voice!! ?

  19. Flor Tapiola says:

    nickkkk ???

  20. Mera K says:

    No one cares