Nick Offerman Reveals His Top Fatty Meat Dishes for Fall

Nick Offerman Reveals His Top Fatty Meat Dishes for Fall

Nick Offerman walks Jimmy through some of the preferred fatty meat dishes he ate to gain weight for his play A Confederacy of Dunces, including turducken-fed pork.

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Nick Offerman Reveals His Top Fatty Meat Dishes for Fall

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20 Responses

  1. Brian Gruenewald says:

    “That’ll drive your back backhoe.”

    That’s t-shirt material, right there!

  2. anna alves says:


  3. Truman Capote says:

    Now I can die and go to heaven since I saw Jimmy Fallon shoving another
    man’s GIANT SAUSAGE into his mouth. LMAO!!

  4. Seth Kittle says:

    You should show this to a vegan if you hate them lol.

  5. Sonny Parmar says:

    Smh, the hungry zombie folk in fallout 4 coulda eaten that food but once
    again, gone to waste. Smfh

  6. apoorvswarup says:

    Nick offerman should be like the official mascot for Movember :)

  7. Sam Gonzalez says:

    What’s with the face. The thing about scotch is that it’s been aged so long
    it doesn’t have that after taste like you’re gonna breathe fire, it’s
    really smooth

  8. Anjlie T says:

    All these dead animals laid on the table that didnt want to die just for a
    “good taste”

  9. Arjun Krishnamurthy says:

    Nick Offerman basically got paid to play himself on Parks and not to
    mention his wife Megan Mullaly too got paid to play herself on the same

  10. Valentina Krvarić says:

    Mmmmmm kobase and black pudding, winter is coming.

  11. Nikki Hazard says:

    He’s Ron f*cking Swanson.

  12. MikeMJPMUNCH says:

    I would love to see Nick Offerman do a cooking show.

  13. Mickey Valenz says:

    gimme dat SIDE DISH

  14. The Shadow says:

    I love how serious Nick is when he says something hilarious. That’s one
    reason why he’s so funny. ?

  15. Shannon G says:

    That kielbasa-bread hybrid looks amazing. And Jimmy, you pronounced
    kielbasa wrong. It’s keel-ba-see. #proudandpolish

  16. sputnikalgrim says:

    If Nick ran for president I would vote for him 100 times. He is the most
    interesting man in the universe

  17. Adam Peeler says:


  18. nos27man says:

    where did all that meat go after that segment??

  19. Andrea Endo says:

    ohhh that nick giggle hehehehe

  20. fikkid says:

    Nick Offerman needs to be on EMT