Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

Welcoming Nick & the MFAM to FaZe Clan.
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? Edited by TeaWap

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35 Responses

  1. AwfullyBad says:

    Literally nobody:

  2. ItsPeter Daayum says:

    LETS GOO!? i miss good old days..? 9 years!!

  3. Hits Them says:

    Nicktwerks has joined faze! You have a lot to prove brother good luck

  4. FizzBlayde says:

    If you a real Nickmercs fan. You’re stoked rn

  5. Bob Tomgil says:

    “I don’t know man, but that was crazy!” – FaZe Rain, It made me lol

  6. gil ll says:

    Now that nick joined faze I want a part 2 of faze arm wrestle

  7. Absolutely Abnormal says:

    Bro he’s going in the belly of the beast to prove tfues Case just a conspiracy

  8. Smart MMA says:

    Would have been funny if everyone got their wish and when Apex wanted to be tall he got denied

  9. thedarklight shadow says:

    I am simple guy I hear Naruto’s music I like the vid.

  10. HiTEMP says:

    apex; got a lighter
    rain; of course

    … hes lit

  11. Harsh Gorilla says:

    Good job nickmercs! Finally FaZe! I’ve been waiting for this moment through the years!✌️?

  12. Isaiah Cruz says:

    Bro this is hella funny congrats nick best of luck to you

  13. MLVYY0 says:

    Lmao I remember making clips to get into faze

  14. samson Delilah says:

    Thicc nordan strikes a glorious melody in my soul

  15. La Flame says:

    I’m happy for y’all, been following y’all since the start.. turning 22 June 8th???

  16. -Rsin says:

    wAIT the hoodie apex is wearing is back from sniping montages days wtf

    Edit- I was correct!

  17. Herbert says:

    Nadeshot somewhere punching the air rn ?

  18. KEYPiggy says:

    Never realized I’ve been watching for 9 years
    Edit: shout-out to rain

  19. Mandy Tan says:

    CourageJD: Im gonna join 100Thieves how bout that Nick?

     NickMercs: Hold my beer

  20. SiRiX official says:

    100T: we gon have the siccest player entrance of all time

    FaZe: hold my Fat faze rain

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