Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump to deliver prime time speech to build support for border wall, two suspects in custody for killing 7-year-old in Texas, and Cyntoia Brown’s lawyers on her fight for freedom.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 07, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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66 Responses

  1. James Johnson says:

    He wont get reelected for sure

  2. Jen P says:

    Such a pro-liar! He makes up everything as he goes… omfg… How much longer with this dunce?!

  3. tatlas says:

    A President is supposed to be the leader of all the American people.
    Saying he does not care about Democrats who are not getting paid in this shutdown is a disgrace.
    When he calls for unity, he does not mean it.
    If he cannot be truthful at a time like this, how can we believe him during a crisis??

  4. Gregory Anderson says:

    This newscast is balanced. It is not all Trump. I need to know these things.

  5. Allan Brogdon says:

    How can you relate?Missed a paycheck ever?

  6. Refresh2b says:

    Deadbeat Republicans who don’t want to pay taxes. Always wanting to spend.

    • TheJiggs666 says:

      +dano r Poorest states in the union are Red, wealthiest states and districts in America are blue. Don’t take my word on it, try READING…..

    • Darrel Hoseu says:


    • Denise Savage says:

      +dano r Tell Your Deadbeat Lying A$$ Potus To GET MEXICO TO PAY FOR THE DAM WALL OR His Repuklians Welfare Minions like YOU ?????????

  7. Charlie Joost LGBTQ says:

    People need their money, we need to do something this is our country. Not his

  8. Jean Taua says:

    That’s where I worked. I hated being furloughed, my husband worked so we had his check, but we were use to being a two income family. Right now, I am a divorced woman in my 70’s I only have my social security and depend on my disability to live. I have to have rent assistance and food stamps to live. I have disabilities that makes me need foods that are for my diabetes and a severe allergy to any dairy. The boxes that come to seniors have many foods that I can not eat. I am praying I will get my food stamps My food is getting low.

  9. WV_Queen says:

    Hillbillies here in West Virginia aren’t happy with The Orange man cause he’s messing with their SSI and food stamps. So when he say’s all those who voted for him are happy about the government shut down, he’s a liar! And the coal miners are still waiting for him to reopen the coal mines. We knew that wasn’t going to happen.

    • WV_Queen says:

      +SammyNoNo One more thing… If you would of read my comment carefully instead of being ready to judge, you would have seen where I said ” messing with their SSI and Food Stamps.” I didn’t say ours because I not on government assistance. And for the recored, there are college students who are on welfare while receiving their education, and I wouldn’t dare call them a looser. So your post is an epic fail

    • WV_Queen says:

      +V Lo LOL!

    • WV_Queen says:

      +Fred Fredburger LOL!

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      WV_Queen – If you “knew that wasn’t going to happen,” then tell me again why you voted for him?

    • WV_Queen says:

      +AbsentWithoutLeaving I didn’t vote for him or Hilary. I’m a Registered Nurse who cares for a special needs child for poor white family who voted for Trump. They are feeling the heat. And it’s pretty sad to see people scared and unsure about how they will pay for food and bills.Regardless of who people vote for, We the American people are all effected by this. And even though I know that they are Trump supporters, I would never let them go hungry.

  10. Rachel Hale says:

    He has made such a mess of our country.

  11. critic says:

    liar liar pants on fire.

  12. Scyber_Sounds Of The Future says:

    Trump supporters are worried about immigrants taking their jobs when Trump took their jobs and is refusing to pay them. *IRONY*

  13. lawmansama says:

    did my ears betray me? did Pres. Trump say “I can relate…” when talking about workers not getting there pay checks to support their families? this “man” has zero shame and even less to relate with the working man.

  14. tornado b says:

    The GOP would have voted to lynch; (not impeach) Obama if he did a fraction of what Trump did! What a shameless party!

  15. ZeroFu*ksGiven says:

    Wait, why would my tax dollars go to a private for-profit charter school instead of a public schools?! That’s outrageous.

    • Izack Schnoor says:

      It’s already a reality in utah.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      An educated populace is a necessity for a democracy to succeed. Trump & Co are rapidly privatizing education, channeling public funds to what amount to private schools…schools that selectively educate only ‘certain’ people’s children. You do the math, America. (If you still can).

  16. earthminus10 says:


  17. All Will Be Well says:

    Look at the look in Sarah Sanders’ eyes as she saunters (lumbers) toward the cameras outside the White House swinging her shoulders. 2:23. Chilling, she looks like a lioness slowly working up to the attack. She’s the most ferocious liar I have ever encountered (second to Trump of course).

  18. Panzer Leutenant says:

    Trump is the only one who needs a beating!

  19. corey D'shawn hayes says:

    Trump can’t relate to people missing paycheck because Trump was a gold spoon kid

  20. matt thomas says:

    funny congress and the senate all still get paid but the working class get nothing while the wealthy elite squabble over power. gawd bless amurica though right?! the ultimate irony is that this is supposed to be about border security and now the tsa is dangerously understaffed because Emporer trumpy has a tantrum!!!

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