Nik Wallenda’s Epic Blindfolded Skyscraper Walk

See Nik Wallenda’s heart pounding blindfolded wire walk with no net between Chicago’s Marina Towers. | For more, visit

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19 Responses

  1. KaiSoDaM says:


  2. Algonquin81 says:

    Big deal.

  3. Jeremy Good says:

    Watched every single minute of it last night!!! IT WAS AWESOME! I was
    scared at first before he did the blindfolded run, but I knew he could do
    it. GOOD JOB NIK! Where are you going next? :D

  4. Jake Alfa says:

    god bless Nik

  5. Виталий Поляков says:

    Американский канатаходец и акробат Ник Валленда прошел без страховки
    по тросам, натянутым между небоскребами в Чикаго на высоте почти
    200 метров. Валленда совершил две «воздушные» прогулки, установив два
    мировых рекорда.

    Первый этап его пути лежал от западной башни Marina City к Leo Burnett
    Building. На этом участке он прошел по канату под углом 19 градусов. Таким
    образом он совершил проход на высоте с рекордно резким наклоном — начал
    путь на уровне 179 метров, а завершил на высоте в 204 метра. Затем
    он спустился на лифте и вернулся к Marina City. Оттуда он прошел по тросу
    от восточной башни к западной с завязанными глазами на высоте 152 метра —
    никогда еще канатаходец не проходил дистанцию с закрытыми глазами на такой


  6. Beat Takeshi says:

    Что творит этот мужик.Это же просто ох…

  7. pepe javier says:

    not impress!.i can do that too…hold my..”falls”

  8. kadeee1000 says:

    no safety line either,,,thats old school daredevil stuff awesome..

  9. MAN_ON_WHEELZ says:

    I was down there in that crowd, amazing to watch… teeny tiny dot with a
    pole in the sky lol

  10. Super Konzum says:

    fkae and gay he can see without problem

  11. GhostRiderBG666 says:

    i think it’s easier with blindfold :)

  12. dwg says:


  13. Adriana Godoy says:

    Nice I just pee myself watching this

  14. Klinsk says:

    An hero!

  15. Nicholas Greenberg says:

    What does the father mean when he is telling him “Two steps”? At first I
    thought it was for when there was a rigging on the bottom and he was
    passing over it but didn’t seem that was the case. Anyone experienced in
    tightrope walking know what he means?

  16. Hanaxo says:

    can he do this without a harness a true walker will so sick of this fake

  17. Iron Lee says:

    pfff… hold my beer.

  18. CharlieBlue says:

    Thank you so much for uploading it on YT. I was watching live, but due to
    time difference it was nearly 3am my time, when he did the blindfold walk
    and I fell asleep just as he was about to do it and woke up 20-25 minutes
    after it was over, to another program blaring on the TV. Severely annoyed.
    So being able to see it on YT is just great. It’s an amazing feat done by
    you, Nik Wallenda. Thanks again. :)

  19. Andrey Peena says: