Nike Basketball: Bring Your Game

Nike Basketball: Bring Your Game

LeBron, Kobe, KD, Kyrie, Paul George, Anthony Davis, and Elena. With so many great players in the game, how can anyone pick a favorite? Peanut, Sean, Toni, and Angel will figure out how some of the best players bring their game and who’s their favorite.

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20 Responses

  1. Titan ™ says:

    I swear nike makes the best ads ever

  2. Fut Pac says:

    No Curry no party
    I’m sorry

  3. gabriel hernandez says:

    if steph were on nike it’ll be
    steph crosses me because he cares

  4. Holding Everything says:


  5. DominoForPresident says:

    This is dumb, your favorite player is on your favorite team, right?
    Favorite team is your hometown or the team you’re closest to. So if you
    live in New Jersey you have a variety, knicks 76s and nets, they all suck

  6. BuellerIS says:

    If this was a tv series I would most def watch it ???

  7. BuellerIS says:

    “They should have a stat on like, how many people he dunked on”

  8. Raiijah Adams says:

    get off stephs dick GOD u damn 14 year olds, why are there so many
    dickriders in the NBA fanbase, commit to a team or die

  9. Itsphenoix6 says:

    the light skin girl hot asf

    I’m 14 so it’s ok

  10. Allen Jimmerson says:

    Kobe seems he would wake you up at 5 in the morning on Saturday with the
    vacuum cleaner

  11. Avatre100 says:

    That moment when KD is the only reason people pay attention to my state

  12. Chiraq Wolverine says:

    *reads title*

    “definitely not Lebron Gay, lol”

  13. Joe Montana says:

    “Video Games? This my preparation, who got next?!”?

  14. Queen Elizabeth II says:

    *Why not mention European basketball players that are far better than
    American ones. Basketball is from Europe, US didn’t invent it.*

  15. Sam Park says:

    curry is sponsored by underarmor so he’s not in this. like messi not being
    in nike videos.

  16. jerry a says:

    Greatest ad ever. Respect for all the athletes.

  17. KorianBossMonster says:

    Me through out thus video: “This is cute and all but where’s Micheal”

  18. Johann West says:

    The racial state of this ad is crazy
    1. All but one of the kids are black
    2. The only nonblack kid is a socially awkward secluded Asian kid (what a
    3. All but one of the players are men, and they only added the woman for
    gender equality
    4. All of the men players are black

  19. Amar Saleh says:

    i lost it when the air horns went off as lebron opened the door. lmao

  20. Angel Thrashes says:

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