Nikola Jokic Lays Out Markieff Morris, a breakdown

Nikola Jokic Lays Out Markieff Morris, a breakdown

Don’t think Nikola Jokic was a big fan of Markieff Morris’s tactics.

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49 Responses

  1. Tiananmen Square1989 says:

    “You get what you f…… deserve!” The Joker

  2. CTK says:

    Lol I was in the arena for this. MVP chants were definitely loud

  3. ragMMA says:

    I bet there’s a hundred players in the NBA that wishes they could lay out a Morris brother.
    In fact after we find out what Jokics punishment is, some players might even find it WORTH it to lay one out.

    • CrazyAnd20 says:

      @Marcus N I hope you’re not referring to both Morris twins, Marcus intentionally stepped on Luka’s injured ankle in the 2020 playoffs

    • Optimus Prime says:

      Even usa people agree with jokic reactions. Thank u people welcome any time in serbia

    • sintiabelaona says:

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    • Marcus N says:

      @Optimus Prime USA is racist 😒

  4. Vladimir J says:

    Stand for yourself! The league won’t protect you, so you gotta do it yourself. Doesn’t matter he’s gonna be suspended. When he comes back, refs will either start calling dirty fouls on him, or he will have to defend himself again. F*** the world in which a talented, hard working, innovative and humble person like Jokic is a bad guy. F*** the league that makes a peaceful person like him so aggressive.

    • Vladimir J says:

      @CraigTheNF bro, when you say it, it sounds like jokic creeped behind his back and hit him. if someone assaults you like that, and turns around like nothing happened, do you run around him? i don’t get it, what would that look like? moris shoved him in the ribs like that, and just turned away… sorry bro, but that’s all on him… if you make a foul like that on a guy that big, you should know he be coming…

    • azwan azmi says:

      @Dukjin Im Precedent to use role players to take out other teams stars. That will be good for game 1 of a playoff series. Teams can get a “specialist” on their roster just for purpose, if he’s good at it maybe he can maim more than one player. Franchises will pay the fine and the suspension would be worth it.

    • J.B. says:

      @FreeThrowJumper Here we go . . . The Race Card.
      No, it’s not because he’s “white” but because he belongs to the people from Eastern Europe who don’t put up with BS from nobody. Doesn’t matter what color you are, if you try to act phony, you will get some reaction and that’s for sure.

  5. Eli M says:

    Morris is a dirty player…What he did was worse than what Jokic did.
    And he did it with no provocation

  6. Dragica Andrejevic says:

    All the best, Joker – You showed that you were a man. How the opposing team reacted shows that they were given the task to hurt you. He went to hurt you. An unimportant player and team sent him to hurt you. They couldn’t stand defeat

    • Aditya Mozumdar says:

      @YoungMelo18 last year Nuggets also got swept btw 😂😂 Heat will definitely win a ring in the near future.. Denver fans just know they will always fade away in the playoffs😂

    • YoungMelo18 says:

      @Aditya Mozumdar one got swept in the 1st round, while being fully healthy. The other got swept in the 2nd round while missing 3 of their 5 rotation guards. Stop making yourself look bad. I like Jimmy, but he’s no batman on a championship team

    • Aditya Mozumdar says:

      @YoungMelo18 heat faced in form Bucks that’s why we lost. Why haven’t Nuggets won even a single NBA title or even a conference title? Because they are big ass chokers and even their fans know they will make the playoffs and maybe win one series and then just fade away. That’s the reality.

    • YoungMelo18 says:

      @Aditya Mozumdar I didn’t know the core of players been playing for the Nuggets since the came across from the ABA.

  7. Paopao says:

    They brought out the stretcher I’m dead😭😂

  8. Sky Hoops says:

    To be clear I am not trying to defend or justify anyone’s actions! I’m trying trying to have fun with this situation, and I’m glad no one got seriously hurt.

  9. Mahmud Ali Dème says:

    The difference is just that Jokic had a reason to respond.
    But Morris had zero reason to do that. If i’m the commissioner i will suspend Morris too.

    • azwan azmi says:

      If they don’t suspend Morris for longer, than what’s to stop other teams sending in role players to take out other teams stars.

  10. Frank Forster says:

    Love how Jokic just stands there afterwards, waiting for something else to happen. ‘Now what?!’ Lol

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