Niskanen tossed after Crosby takes cross check to face

Niskanen tossed after Crosby takes cross check to face

Watch as Matt Niskanen receives a five minute major penalty for cross checking Sidney Crosby in the face.

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20 Responses

  1. Leafguy535 says:

    here just to wait and the comments…

  2. Adin Z says:

    anyone else and it would have been only 2 mins. hope he’s alright tho

  3. Fake Hipster says:

    Caps are just pissed they’re never getting passed round 2.

  4. Michael Allen says:

    Suspension worthy

  5. TheM4yhem says:

    Accidental. Crosby was falling and Niskanen gave crosscheck. Hope he is ok

  6. Jonathan B says:

    Looks accidental. Just an unlucky fall by Crosby.

  7. DarkDays says:

    how dare you do that to the nhl golden boy. niskanen must now give up his first born son and spend life in prision

  8. CRNintendoGuy :D says:

    Who else is waiting here for the “he barely touched him” or “crybaby Crosby” comments?

  9. its skynight says:

    why we need enforcers still

  10. NIKOKIP says:

    It doesn’t really look intentional

  11. madmatt097 says:

    Congratz Capitals, hope you feel good if you win this one. Lol joke franchise.

  12. Kathy Schoeberl says:

    i hate the caps but honestly to me that looks completely accidental. anyone else and thats two minutes our nothing

  13. mrvonfukustein says:

    I don’t have any horses in this race – dirty hit. 1 game suspension.

  14. BLIzzARDxMAYHEM says:

    That didn’t deserve a 5 minute major but of course things are different when it’s Crosby who takes the hit.

  15. Tom Witner says:

    if you can’t beat them, just cross check the best player on earth with a history of concussions in the head since the countless other cheap shots haven’t been successful.

  16. steve hardman says:

    There wasn’t a lot Niskanen could do there, Sid went right into his path. Think the bigger problem there was the guy who slashed him before that(was it Ovie?). If Crosby isn’t falling, refs wouldn’t have even called that a penalty as it would have been a crosscheck to the back/side.

    Really ugly thing to see, just not sure Niskanen deserves the blame he is getting

  17. AJAX BEATZ says:

    If it was anyone except Crosby it would not be a game. Everyone knows it too.

  18. BCYT says:

    If Crosby did that to niskanen it wouldn’t have been called, js

  19. Kucherov Bolts says:

    Ovechkin: Umm, he was gon score, so I wack him, den Nisky wack him.  Dats hockeys…

  20. JerOutlaw says:

    anyone else notice how much ovechkins stick flexes while slashing crosby?

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