Normal Life Comes To A Halt For Americans In Response To Coronavirus | TODAY

Normal Life Comes To A Halt For Americans In Response To Coronavirus | TODAY

The NCAA has canceled March Madness, Broadway has gone dark and Disneyland has shut down as normal life comes to a halt for Americans in response coronavirus outbreak. Experts say the economic impact could be immense.
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Normal Life Comes To A Halt For Americans In Response To Coronavirus | TODAY

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76 Responses

  1. James Soppe says:

    The Damage control is out of control. They cant get their stories straight

  2. Ultramarine Ice Queen says:

    Where have all the “it’s just the flu” people gone?

    • 9 : 11 says:

      Lmfaoo smdh.

    • Cthulhu star says:

      AllyiahSlack(@LuceDivinaCrystals) I don’t understand. What do you want me to do for these people? I’m not infected. What do you want me to do? Freak out? Panic? Go buy a bunch of canned food like it’s the end of days? I’m seriously confused as to what you people want me to do, how am I acting selfish and how do I stop?

    • Cthulhu star says:

      Mimis did that make you feel better?

    • Ultramarine Ice Queen says:

      @Cthulhu star Have you been tested to know for a fact you are not infected? Did you miss that you can be asymptomatic for 30 days and still be infectious? No need to freak out, however Covid-19 is not “just the flu”.

    • Sequoiah Dreams says:

      it is just a flu…a more lethal one (if you’re very old and very unhealthy) but a flu none the less…if you die from this your body wasn’t in a good state as is…

  3. James Kenik says:

    I love how people with money seem to have to problem getting tested.

  4. Joe Puentes says:

    Everyone knows trump has the virus and will infect everybody out of spite

  5. Erin Lance says:

    The 1% has the ability to keep the rest of us whole thru this, get our pandemic response team back together!!! And get this under control!

    • Firefly says:

      @Soleilune Yes, do not ignore the facts.

    • Soleilune says:

      @Firefly Uh, no. I don’t listen to news anchors for facts. I listen to actual epidemiologists and doctors. Do the research. Stop spreading actual lies.

    • Sequoiah Dreams says:

      why should they? we have overpopulation; with the way we’re treating our planet, the animals, eachother, and ourselves…we need to weed out the weak and the overconsumers for the benefit of the planet…

    • No Name says:

      @Firefly Do you think that reality changes, if you just close your eyes and believe hard enough?

      That seems to be the rightwing strategy for everything. Except when it doesn’t work, you have to turn to violence to get your way.

    • Firefly says:

      @Soleilune I am not spreading lies.

  6. Marc B says:

    They’re sitting very close
    Social distancing should imply on news anchors too

  7. six strings says:

    Pennsylvania continues to be vague and secretive about the positive cases.
    For the first time since the coronavirus hit Pennsylvania, state officials have released data on how many people have been tested, but refused to give out more information about where infected persons are located, despite calls from some county officials and lawmakers for them to provide specifics.

    Officials say the information they collect falls under a 1955 law that gives the department broad discretion to keep the information about contagious diseases secret.

    • Becky Anderson says:

      Wtf! I live in PA

    • Erica Miller says:

      I’m in Western PA. They will NOT even say IF anyone in Western PA has been tested. But also no confirmed cases here. Guess what, you can’t have any confirmed cases if no one’s been tested!! I feel like a fool. The government totally downplayed this. Why didn’t the governor give Western PA any kits, or prepare better??? All states around us have closed schools, not us! I am furious!

    • six strings says:

      Erica Miller, Becky Anderson I agree, the governor and his secretary of health are putting us at risk, creating anger for their motives to keep most of the information secret. The health department has only released the number of positive cases, as well as general information about the source of the infection, whether the infected person is an adult, and which large county they live in. We all live in large counties. They could be more specific about more information without compromising patient rights.

    • carolicious74 says:

      It’s the same for California. We just get told about what county they’re in.. except our counties are huge spanning multiple cities 🤦🏻‍♀️. And now our county stopped reporting the numbers officially probably because they don’t want to be embarrassed about what an incompetent job they’re doing.

    • James Ricker says:

      Not smart considering how badly Pennsylvania screwed up during the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic

  8. Dude says:

    The woman on the left gives me anxiety.

  9. Mike Laing says:

    Interesting the censorship on this .. Several posts yanked over content (no name calling, swearing, etc)

  10. Penguins Forever says:

    Went to the store yesterday and saw so many elderly trying to buy groceries. So sad to see them trying to do things by themselves (in the rain). Many with canes and in wheelchairs. Helped a gentleman load up his few groceries. Please reach out to help if you can. Humanity first!

  11. J Messick says:

    The reality is our nation has grown too much as a “consumer” society. To be s strong economic society we need a mixed economy. We need to be able to sustain ourselves as a country instead of looking at short gains by outsourcing our production. Bring back American products. Start taking pride in making our own meds, clothing, etc. Stop buying cheap crap and buy quality instead. Stop supporting the communist China!!!

    • May Lee says:

      @Diana Lee Women, virus got nothing to do with country. Resources? China hav millions of mask ready now coz they are getting single digit infection perday now. So is their worker in other state already started working. Its just ppl panicky to purchase non organic stuff from China. Yol! Ur country couldnt even provide ppl test? US is a joke. We here in SEA are better thn u. The world is watching this for months and we see all US did is TALK BIG, CRITICISE BIG. Welcome to borderless world with borderless technology as well.

    • Diana Lee says:

      May Lee The world is unfortunately infected with CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. Be like Taiwan. Taiwan No. 1.

    • Justin Hazen says:

      Amen to that!

    • Monna says:

      Yes. Most of our vitamin c supplements are made in China. Can you imagine?

  12. Jennifer Adams says:

    I just want to acknowledge and thank everyone that works in retail whether your stocking the shelves or helping customers check out. They are putting their own health at risk so everyone can get what they need to be prepared incase of a lockdown. Thanks for the hard work.

    • Flobber Top says:

      Gabby Jesus Gloves don’t make any difference, it’s not like you change your gloves every hour or can wash them, they are temporary. Hand washing and good hygiene is the key.

    • Delia C. says:

      Yes !!! And our medical professionals! we often forget they’re on the front lines of this we can all run and quarantine they cannot

    • Patti Hainline says:

      Yeah well people need to stop stock piling 2 weeks worth of groceries really some people have already bought 2 years worth of stuff thier panicking! Calm down it’s not the end of the world but people keep causeing shortages it’s going to be! And yes i feel sorry for those people working in those stores pray for them because people have gone nuts!

    • Slv4D says:

      Patti Hainline
      A lot of people are buying food for their kids and older parents.

    • Miss S says:

      Who is going to help those of us that cant afford to “stock up” I live paycheck to paycheck and I have not been able to buy anything!

  13. Da Cha says:

    Finally doing the proper thing..
    ..though emphasis should now be on slowing down the spread of this virus …testing won’t help now…

  14. Big Nasty says:

    If Disneyland closed this is serious. The owners of Disney would sell their kids to turn a profit.

  15. Girlfriend says:

    Eyes Open People fear.. wash your hands, get some sleep, take a vitamin… chill out

  16. Tina Bean says:

    “Lots of mixed messages.” That is the understatement of the century.

  17. Bud Oliver says:

    “Does not require a test at this time.” Yeah probably because he’s already had a test and they know one way or another if he has it. Wow!

    • James Ricker says:

      The president has been potentially exposed 5 times that I know of.
      Twice by Republican congressmen, once by a Brazilian government aid, once by Ivanka and once by William Barr.

    • I’m little Sub says:

      Bud Oliver is a

  18. Marla Alarcon says:

    They should’ve halted traveling in and out of u.s. months ago.

  19. Rosanna Cali says:

    “Were going to calm your anxieties”
    Also start off by saying
    “We have testing shortages, schools closing, grocery stores emptying , and wall street plummeting”
    Hmmmm that didnt help my anxieties at all, had to stop the video, lol

  20. The Dork Knight says:

    “There’s so much anxiety out there, we’re going try to walk everyone through what’s going on this morning…” *rolls eyes*
    Sounds condescending in my opinion. Some of us working in the health field still go to work and it’s no biggie as long as we pratice precautions. Yes it’s serious but the hysteria and is because of media are fueling it …just reports stats/facts and STOP THE FEAR MONGERING.

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