Norman Reedus’ New Restaurant Serves Drunk Food

Norman Reedus’ New Restaurant Serves Drunk Food

‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ host Norman Reedus recommends his restaurant to large, intoxicated families who want to sober up with some feel-good fried foods.

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61 Responses

  1. ElectroLyte says:

    Death Stranding

  2. Roberto Bastone says:

    You should have asked him about Death Stranding, Stephen.

  3. Shyamsundar Rajan says:

    I wanted to see this to get a clue about death stranding

  4. Veles says:

    He looks like he heavily drinks

  5. GAGFEST2000 says:

    God, watching Stephen interact with the weird or the more laid back celebrities is hilarious. This is the first time ive seen Norman as himself but he just seems happy to be alive and is super casual about it, Stephen seems like he’s struggling to prevent dead air. Hilarious.

  6. LadyK says:

    Jesus. There goes my crush on Reedus.

  7. New Message says:

    “Yeah.. but..” Is the entire Trump defense strategy.

  8. Alan Castaneda says:

    “He has all the charm of a date rapist”, a newspaper’s critique of Artie Lange’s acting. This can be applied to Norman Reedus during this interview.

  9. Mendy Peters says:

    omg did he say yes sir, ahhh that’s so cute

  10. Hector T says:

    Is Norman high lol ?

  11. Louie Berg says:

    Is it me… or does Norman Reedus look a bit like a hillbilly version of Sean Bean?

  12. SportTalkForDummies says:

    My wife knows more about Normans life than she knows about me…..

    • FacheChanteDeux says:

      SportTalkForDummies Rofl! Young Norman pre unfortunate car accident was a beautiful thing.

    • María Marín says:

      He still could be , just need a shave and haircut, that dirty/stinky TWD look is not too good on a daily basis. I mean he was gorgeous but you can stop time.

  13. Victoria Quick says:

    Not great interview chemistry here…

  14. Chimi Kitty says:

    Hey Norm, crawfish is meat.

  15. mcrazza says:

    I’m down for a beef and black bean burger.

  16. Topher Hendrickson says:

    Why everyone hating on Norman? He’s just a super chill dude, my kinda people. He doesn’t seem high to me at all, he just seems like normal guy.

    • Casey S says:

      Topher Hendrickson
      Agreed, completely.

    • Lauren Segars says:

      Thank you. God so many ppl “oh he’s drunk/high” whatever. He seems just laid back and maybe shy. A lot of people come on these shows and act similar, it’s a very different environment than filming on set, so they aren’t all going to be perfect speakers or hyped up like others.

    • Danielle Spargo says:

      What’s wrong with being high? If he’s doing what he needs to do, making his money, not hurting anyone else, and being happy, what does it matter?

  17. Kyuukami says:

    Wow, this comment section is a weird mix of people who think that Reedus is on drugs/ugly and those who think that Colbert was rude to him. Maybe you haven’t seen Norman on talk shows before, but that’s how he is. Personally I think he is a sweet, awkward goof. And I didn’t think that Colbert was rude at all, their senses of humor just don’t mash.

    • Metal Guru says:

      Awkward goof? No way.
      He’s relaxed, intelligent and articulate.

    • WormholeJim says:

      Amen to that. Well, except the part about the weird comment-section. Seems kind of normal to me. Well, maybe not as many alt-right trolls as would seem to have become the norm in regards to many other vids uploaded on this channel and many other ‘leftist’ satireshows. But “sweet, akward Goof”? Absolutely, and present like few because of it. Just hope maybe Colbert will hook him up with Woody Harrelson for a chum-session or two. If Reedus hasn’t already himself. Might do wonders to his chill.

    • burrichgrrl57 says:

      Metal Guru He is totally both, which I find really charming.

  18. NovaGreen Daily Diatribes says:

    My wife would let me, as long as she got 10 minutes alone with Norman lol “Ok Norman, y’all done with my wife? Kool, let’s hit the road!”

    • NovaGreen Daily Diatribes says:

      IDK why comments aint showing up here but they are in my notys. But naw it’s just a joke, she does like him and Alexander Skarsgard but no, she wouldn’t actually do it. Or maybe she would! lol

  19. BLUE EYE ZY says:


  20. bakerXderek says:

    That would be cool riding with Norman, never knew that show existed, looks awesome.

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