Not just unlimited, Verizon Unlimited

Not just unlimited, Verizon Unlimited

Unlimited data on the Verizon network has arrived. For the first time, Verizon is offering an introductory plan that gives you unlimited data on your smartphone and tablet on the best 4G LTE network in the country. The unlimited plan you want on the network you deserve: Verizon Unlimited.

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20 Responses

  1. IamWhoIam says:

    thanks for bringing this back! Quick question- what do you guys mean by
    introductory plan?

  2. Jonathan Longoria says:

    Whoa.. this might pull me away from T-Mobile after all.

  3. kendrick johnson says:

    Thank you so much Verizon I’m very happy to be part of your network

  4. Chevy Chase says:

    Oh my god, dreams do come true!

  5. themike says:

    Seriously, fuck you guys. I had a family of 4 on Verizon for over a decade
    and you forced me off my unlimited plan with charges (and I wasnt a power
    user by far) because of having an old contract and then you try and bring
    it back? Please. MetroPCS has my business now.

  6. Craig M says:

    To be a fly on the wall in John Legere’s presence right now…

  7. Quatez Murray says:

    Im coming back!

  8. DJW 1981 says:

    I’ll stick with Cricket’s truly unlimited plan

  9. Raiterio Patterson (Septien) says:

    The only reason Verizon is bringing unlimited is because of the
    OpenSignal’s 4G report. Don’t start jumping up and down

  10. Roman reigns can't wrestle says:

    Well….looks like I’ll be at a Verizon store tomorrow…

  11. Demetrius McBoobie says:

    pretty sure your going to have to give them your arm and leg just to afford
    this crap! Verizon your not the first your the last ??

  12. Woolfy says:

    Amazing what a loss in profits will do to a company.

  13. rose vegas says:

    T-mobile did this first, you guys just copied. I also guarantee it will be
    more expensive!

  14. Airbrushkid says:

    You lie. Unlimited? You throttle any one that go’s over 22 gb!!

  15. Nadia Allard says:

    What? ..this will be life changing for us if this is true.

  16. Tommy W. says:

    Give back the cheap price for unlimited that people held on to for years
    until y’all forced them off, you dicks.

  17. Whats Wrong says:

    the ONLY reason you’re bringing back unlimited is because you’re losing to
    many customers. I have your original unlimited plan and I know if I take
    your new plan you’re gonna screw me. you’re snakes!!!!

  18. Kevin Eusebio says:

    “Why are we introducing this offer now?”
    Because T-Mobile has grown way too fast the past couple of years and you’re
    feeling the heat now. lol.

    But in all seriousness, this is GREAT! This will totally hurt T-Mobile and
    they WILL have to fire back with better deals and offer Full HD streaming
    on T-Mobile One plans AND get REALLY AGGRESSIVE on deploying those low and
    mid band spectrum nationwide to prevent people from switching back to
    Verizon. AT&T will also need to pull down their pricing to compete with

    This will probably start the end for Sprint. They just couldn’t compete
    with T-Mobile, let alone Verizon offering Unlimited and AT&T joining in the
    fun in response to this.

    SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE’S COMPETITION??? Looking at you cable companies

  19. Iove75 says:

    Unlimited up to 22gbs, then throttled. (Definition of unlimited: not
    limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.) Fucking
    call it what it is. Limited up to 22gbs.

  20. Project -iFi- says:

    I feel like that “baby come back” song should be playing in the background

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