Notre Dame at Texas | 2016 Big 12 Football Highlights

Notre Dame at Texas | 2016 Big 12 Football Highlights

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20 Responses

  1. Tiyee Ryan says:

    OU better watch out! ?

  2. Cole's World says:

    What a great game. This is why I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!

  3. Adelynn B says:

    Texas, Texas…Yeee Ha!

  4. Hector Gonzalez says:

    That 18 wheeler formation with Swoopes was too much for those Catholic
    school boys.

  5. rjbenitez9 says:


  6. IdioticProgramming says:

    0:55 RIP cameraman

  7. Aslan says:

    “Texas is back folks”

  8. Gage Mcmichael says:

    im not even a texas fan (Clemson fan here), i miss when they were good when
    they had mcoy. Swoopes is a beeeast

  9. Harambe says:

    Greatest weekend of college football ever.

  10. bryant5266 says:

    It’s all about the Horns…Hook Em

  11. SuperNickBowser says:

    Amazing game! That camera man got fucked up

  12. Cool Man says:

    Kizer should have played more. It definitely looked like a different
    offense with him out there.

  13. No Regrets says:

    texas wins and oklahoma loses. good to be a longhorns fan

  14. Austin Frazier says:

    Swoops there it is!

  15. Jonathan Martin says:

    I love seeing Notre Dame lose. GO GREEN

  16. Trey Terronez says:

    Life is always good when Notre Dame loses!

  17. iCourtZ says:

    Hell of a week for the state of Texas w/ UT, A&M, and Houston all pulling
    off upsets

  18. Jinx Bf says:

    The announcer got annoying after a while lol. None the less, great game

  19. PRANKurFACE says:

    damn 2:36 she almost lost her top…

  20. George Horna says:

    Both Defenses were Garbage.