[NOW AVAILABLE] Oasis | New Map Preview | Overwatch

[NOW AVAILABLE] Oasis | New Map Preview | Overwatch

There’s trouble in paradise as conflict breaks out in Oasis, a brand-new Control map set in one of the world’s most advanced cities, a shining jewel rising from the Arabian Desert.

Researchers and academics from around the region came together to found a city dedicated to scientific progress without restraints—a monument to human ingenuity and invention. The city and its inhabitants are governed by the Ministries, a collection of brilliant minds who possess many secrets that have attracted the interest of powerful organizations from around the world.

On this map, teams will need to dodge vehicles and utilize jump pads to capture and defend three unique control points.

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20 Responses

  1. WillsArcade says:

    If we can’t have Jeff as a hero, can we at least have him as a new map?

  2. LetsLarry says:

    Sounds like Final Fantasy Music.

  3. D'Angelo Colon says:

    Hey can u fix the 3v3 mei glitch really annoying

  4. Nathan Nguyen (suprosonic12) says:

    Ah the music is so good :’) gave me chills throughout the whole video

  5. August Sundin Momtaheni says:


  6. PrezidentGamer says:

    When they said early next year they meant *really* early next year

  7. I Killed A Genie For This Cat says:

    Guys keep an eye out for Sombra clues

  8. dynamitejimi says:

    Looks like it could be Symmetra’s utopia!

  9. Dakota Cruickshank says:

    You guys are so fast and amazing at new content!

  10. Unit Lost - Great British Gaming says:

    I can’t wait for the car kill montages!

  11. DrNess says:

    I’m disappointed that there’s no basketball

  12. Patrick Nijs says:

    I’ll be dissapointed if there is no OasisOnOverwatch easter egg.

  13. Nathan Bui says:

    Man I wish they would include the music from the trailers Into the game

  14. TamiaMia Star says:

    Look for Terry Crews D o o mFIST clues ?

  15. ExtremeEpikness says:

    I can’t wait for mei to glitch the cars somehow

  16. UltimateRuffles says:

    Can’t wait for Doomfist, I need me some tanks

  17. Sinke-Vasa says:

    WHAT! i just left my home… i cant play it in 4 days :(

  18. crisdebo0723 says:

    Alright admit it you’re gonna play as Lucio and camp by the cars

  19. Ashley Reinhardt says:

    Who’s watching this video whilst waiting their PS4 updating the file?

  20. Pocket Heart says:

    If only our future could be so beautiful…