NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Holds Press Conference On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Holds Press Conference On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Holds Press Conference On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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46 Responses

  1. Tania Monje says:

    Everyone take care!

  2. Future Appeaser says:

    The loud tone is so bad please never use it again.

  3. mike B says:

    45 minute lead in wtf?

  4. Evangeline Ching says:

    Mayor de Blasio….do not forget to address the COURT HEARINGS….people came in and out for their cases….if it could be temporarily suspended.

  5. Slideshow Bob says:

    Am I the only one that tries to understand the sign language?

  6. Cypher Mein says:

    The video starts at 44:44.

  7. Coyote Clan White Knife Band says:

    Martial law coming

    • Coyote Clan White Knife Band says:

      @Ann Cruze hey go research that .get out of under your rock have fun and good luck LoL

    • Coyote Clan White Knife Band says:

      @Ann Cruze I hope you have someone to sing and dance with LoL

    • Ann Cruze says:

      @Coyote Clan White Knife Band Why are you taken? offering?

    • Ann Cruze says:

      @Coyote Clan White Knife Band obviously your not White… or of any clan! your full of butt hurt hate and want revenge on the normal kind. sad sad sad… then again you look good with a one way ticket to any communist country of your choice.

    • Coyote Clan White Knife Band says:

      @Ann Cruze humans been trying to erradicate coyotes for years yet they roam the city’s at night LMFAO
      Hopis prophecy coming true .

  8. Tasha Goulet says:

    And what happens if you don’t have a car how do I get tested

  9. Grin Stylez says:

    1:29 so are you voting for Bernie or not? better yet are you endorsing him? “They Have the money” only mentioned when a politician is going to look bad in a crisis.

  10. love s says:

    What about people who work in retail like WALMART,TARGET and etc we are seeing literally thousands of people day and if we stay home we are fired please mr.mayor talk to these companies to allow employees to stay home without losing there jobs!!!

    • Projects Rewritten says:

      I agree. I’m thanking people for working!

    • Ann Cruze says:

      TWITTER POTUS… he will answer back. if not I will let him know. Right now since Sunday’s announcement he passed that the 8 billion for virus will go directly to the people not the Democrats/rogue republicans that use the Emergency state money for their pockets for 3.7 decades.. and nothing being done .. zero for the state so called Sanctuary states to keep their crimes hidden.

    • Denis Tobar says:

      We need retail workers more than ever. Retail workers ARE essential personnel. What needs to happen is retail workers need to be prioritized within the healthcare system and compensated for their hazardous jobs.

    • Ann Cruze says:

      more like cash cows… too long have the corruption used the people with lie after lies and killing people (our children and seniors) and 911 domestic terrorism.. look don’t be scared… Ive seen this 3 x over and so many more as a humanitarian agent worldwide… and I say this. Ending the Evil humankind for ever. Pray is good, do it from the heart for whom you care and yourself… <3 all good ok. you can talk to me at I’m a North American agent for humanitarian relief for 4.9 decades. 😉 a mother , survivor, and full speed ahead protecting our children. and Gods creatures, flora fauna. It will be Easter Soon. how great is that. Bless you! with all that is positive.

    • Ann Cruze says:

      @Denis Tobar Potus gave a press conference on Sunday… with the USPHS, and pretty much will not let the Dems have as usual the Emergency funds directly to them for distribution, used as they cash cows. Instead the funds will be made to each citizen employee directly. listen to the press conference it was Yesterday Sunday,… Thank god, the dirty Dems and rogue Republicans will not see one penny in their possession.

  11. Lithic Metals says:

    This is World War Three, but we’re all on the same side. #SlowtheRoll

  12. Randy says:

    Infected zombies count in NYC listed by boroughs 58:00

  13. Lila Dlaboha says:

    I want to help. How can I volunteer?

  14. Andrew Leavitt says:

    The sign language guy looks just like the crazy government scientist in Independence Day movie — and it can’t be unseen

  15. vpsaline says:

    He’s a very calm and clear communicator!

  16. Speedy56 says:

    The hospitals will be overwhelmed due to hypochondriacs who get a sore throat and use up resources. Those clorox wipe, hand sanitizer bathing ones who want bottles of antibiotics when they get a cold.

  17. Mike O says:

    Thank god this dimwit isn’t running my city.

  18. Denis Tobar says:

    What is happening with the homeless

  19. Hari Seldon says:

    ” It’s every man for themselves ” four minutes into the speech. I feel calm. prepared. To die.

  20. STILL says:

    One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates.

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