Obama: If I Ran for a 3rd Term, ‘I Could Win’ / ‘I actually think I’m a pretty good president.’

Obama: If I Ran for a 3rd Term, ‘I Could Win’ / ‘I actually think I’m a pretty good president.’

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19 Responses

  1. ping oh' says:

    There should be unlimited terms. 

  2. deepfriedkirby says:

    Not a great president

  3. SwaggerBacon says:

    He should’ve never gotten a first term and he REALLY shouldn’t have gotten
    a second term. If he ever got a third term I’d move to the country of

  4. Blue Jay says:

    If there was a chance that he ran for third term- Lord Jesus help this
    country. We need a Christian president to lead this country. A man of God.
    And “good president” my butt… 

  5. Sean Estrella says:

    Sadly this place wants to acheive the goal of gaining our first female
    president and be part of history rather than getting a good president.

  6. Toofast101 says:

    Your a terrorist! And a shitty president! Go pack some sand in your ass

  7. Toofast101 says:

    Read the bible people! This clowns name means the antichrist in the bible! 

  8. iilikecereal says:

    I love the ass quality! 10/10

  9. ghettobrown209 says:

    Piece of shit

  10. william fantauzzi says:

    What fucking president gives 5 MAJOR Taliban from Guantanamo bay prison for
    one AWOL fucking scum army who admitted to leaving on his own I thought we
    don’t trade with our enemies ain’t no way he’s getting shit 

  11. PapaGanoush17 says:

    This is so hilarious! What a joke lol

  12. chris gitau says:

    its funny how a simple joke can make all this stupid americans so mad Lol!!

  13. Chris Mcquade says:

    R.I.P. Kennedy

  14. zigmund8 says:

    America is producing some of the stupidest people. So no doubt he could win

  15. Xinthose says:

    Obama is going to hell

  16. Luke Crawford says:

    Thank God for term limits. 

  17. Luke Crawford says:

    This man hates America

  18. Matthew Gunter says:

    Well we know at least one person that thinks he is a good president…..

  19. Rakesh Chauhan says: