Obama: US gun control laws ‘greatest frustration of my presidency’ – BBC News

Obama: US gun control laws ‘greatest frustration of my presidency’ – BBC News

US President Barack Obama has talked about what he called the lack of sufficient “common-sense gun safety laws” in the US. In an exclusive interview with the BBC’s North America editor Jon Sopel, Mr Obama said a failure to tackle gun control had been the greatest frustration of his presidency.

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20 Responses

  1. Roy Mark Ramdas (PROUD OBAMASUPPORTER) says:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!! :)!!!!!!

  2. tbone martinez says:

    +Wilson Tsang wow how civilized of you to wish death on those who believe
    differently then you. Showing your true totalitarian colors.

  3. Will Jones says:

    A CIA-created homosexual psychopath, who in “Audacity of Hope” tricked us
    into believing he’d hang Bush and Cheney for their patently obvious
    Mossad/CIA/FBI 9/11 treason, is pretending of the moral authority to preach
    to the sovereign American People, “Chosen of God,” the El-ectorate in
    Isaiah’s true and prophesied “Zion,” of “common sense” after all the staged
    mass-shooings psyops in which he is fully complicit with the FedScamming,
    Hitler-financing, Holohoaxing, JFK- and MLK-assassinating
    Rothschild/Rockefeller Talmud/papist false-elite Organized Crime Fifth
    Column faction?


  4. tbone martinez says:

    +GoatSimmer you smell like a sheep

  5. grimslayer Brittain says:

    I swore an oath against this maggot-feces. Long after his demise, shall I

  6. OhMyGodBrittany says:

    We have abused our right to carry arms, they should be restricted 

    • MrRednexus says:

      Say that shit I hope you get robbed and the crooks end up harming your love
      ones this will make you realized that you do need a gun to protect your
      love ones.

  7. The dub says:

    Ya because if we outlaw guns they will just go away right like drugs
    because drugs are outlawed and now we have no more drug problems 

  8. Jeff Robinson says:

    The NRA probably made a 100 accounts just to dislike this though

  9. Lamar Bethea says:

    +tbone martinez very informative. Thanks.

  10. MrFurling says:

    Use your guns to blow the head off, of this terrorist Obama and overthrow
    the corrupt American government!

  11. thefutureprez2016 says:

    It bothers me when people say Obama is a dictator.
    Is he perfect? No, but it only appears he is authoritarian because this
    congress is the *least productive congress in US history* (by far)
    When you’re with a bunch of people that don’t want to work with you, it may
    seem like you have to do everything by yourself!

  12. tbone martinez says:

    +It’s Just Nemz lIts NEVER EASY TO KILL you got your head up your ass if
    you think otherwise. and if it is easy to kill you think a LAW is going to
    stop em? lol their laughin at you.

    lets see, in the 90s in a little country called Rwanda, over 1.5 million
    were HACKED to pieces using mostly machetes. In Russia in the 30s over
    20,000,000 were starved and worked to death. In the cultural revolution in
    china over 30 million innocent people were starved to death, worked to
    death, gassed, beaten to death, etc. In the 40s, over 9 million were gased
    by Nazi Germany, buried alive, beaten to death, starved, etc. IN Armenia
    over 1,000,000 people were starved to death. The ancient Romans used a
    short stabbing sword to conquer most of the known world and execute

    While the firearm is an effective method to fight a war with, its hardly
    effective in killing millions. Which is why authoritarians prefer an
    unarmed populace when they intend to subjugate first then round em up and
    kill em with more effective cheaper methods.

  13. Joshua Kavevz says:

    Why doesn’t he include the deaths ON 9/11? 

  14. Truelady2Anna says:

    Yes Obama. Let’s use gun control when the people who use guns in a
    destructive manner don’t even pay attention to any laws as it is. Logic
    right there from the president of the United States folks. Dang. What a

  15. lowridercartoon says:

    JADE HELM ….. the NEW WORLD ORDER needs you to be Defenseless, Follow

  16. A Jones says:

    I hear the toilet paper in the oval office has print of the constitution on
    it.. so King Obama can wipe has ass with our rights every day.

  17. Timothy Mullins says:


  18. Russell Means says:

    Obama has stolen more land from Native American Indians than the last 3
    presidents combined.

  19. trippleblah says:

    God some of you guys are nuts. I can literally feel the paranoia. What is
    wrong with you?