Obscure Obsolete Inventions

Obscure Obsolete Inventions

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Intro and outro song:

“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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62 Responses

  1. Rampage bros says:

    2:50 I’m going to screenshot this bit and post it everywhere I can with no context

  2. Runn__Wolf says:

    Teens with JUULs: YOu know what’s more important than oxygen? Nicotine.

  3. IOS IceVisonツ says:

    this is y i love this guy hes chill and teaches us stuff from the 1900s

  4. Silence DeVu says:

    A Go Fund Me must be launched so that the Sam-O-Nella Academy can be an actual school.

  5. _/_Sinex _/_ says:

    When that horse-train goes down a hill ankles are gonna break.

  6. Ryan Goodfriend says:

    I just bought shirt and said 7-10 business days…wait till they figure out it releases in late August

  7. Joel D says:

    “Shit!! Did we just shoot a mouse?!”
    “No, we live in Baltimore, remember?”

  8. Andrea Robyn says:

    “the Great War and the Not-As-Great-but-Still-Alright War”


  9. cresious says:

    there are only 3 types of people
    people that havent seen a sam o nella video
    people that have only seen a thumbnail
    and people that have watched every single video he has

  10. Hester Franks says:

    “Let this be a lesson, kids; with enough harassment, you can achieve anything!” – Sam O’Nella, 2019

  11. Iris Lu says:

    So everyone’s talking about the inventions, but that intro to the moonlight tower tho.
    “Why drink many glasses of milk if you could EAT ONE UDDER”

  12. I'mGoingForAWalk says:

    “With enough harassment, you can achieve anything.”
    This is a life lesson everyone needs to know.

  13. Justin Boyll says:

    Maximum output of 2-4 horses!!! Killed me. Great work can’t wait for your next project

  14. T Pain says:

    Sam O’Nella: *starts talking bout sponsorship*

    Video: the End is near..

  15. JamezzGamezzz says:

    you know what’s more important than oxygen?


  16. Bluemilk92 says:

    2:57 “Ahh! One of the Pepp boys is pulling a Spanish Inquisition on this poor wayward harlot!”
    Quoting the video is usually below me, only because I can rely on the Youtube masses to do it for me. Yet, this line wasn’t within the top 4 comments, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

    • TH3C001 says:

      As a former employee of Pep Boys that line had me wheezing. And the “eye of the beholder” and the B. Holder M.D. name tag joke was fucking gold.

  17. Eazy2805 •_• says:

    Sam O’Nella-With enough harassment you can achieve anything.
    Instructions unclear, accidentally got death penalty.

  18. Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs says:

    1932 invention: Baby cae window

    2019 inventions: *_CATS_*

  19. Unknown name says:

    “Say, you ever look at regular mouse traps and go:
    *Hm. Not enough property damage.”*

    • Eyeball Papercut says:

      The intervention of the udder man on screen

    • Vivek Panchagnula says:

      I’d understand why you made the comment if you at least put some sort of response. An emoji or an acronym, something at all. You’re literally repeating what he said. Literally nothing is added. In fact, text loses the tone and all that so this is even worse.

    • Colossalfailure says:

      He made text bold

  20. Just some random bloke says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing after hearing about the revolver mousetrap, bruh

    • LaSigna 02 says:

      If you go to the Shawn Woods channel, you can see that in action with blank cartridges. The rat fucking exploded

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