Ocho Breaks Down: Real Men Cry Too | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

Ocho Breaks Down: Real Men Cry Too | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

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When is the last time you have asked the people you care about how they are doing? Brandon, Chad, Fred and Channing open up the discussion talking about the sudden loss of friend and former NFL player Vincent Jackson and how he was found days after passing away. “Did anyone check on him?” Brandon poses the question which leads him into doing a mental check-in with all the guys.

In a special moment of vulnerability and raw emotion, the guys are brought to tears as they sit and talk about deep life discussions. The guys talk about how there’s a stigma in society that men and young boys are always raised to be tough and not show emotion or the world will look at you differently. With athletes, that notion is instilled by coaches and teammates saying tears are a sign of weakness when in fact it shouldn’t be viewed that way. Being strong is part of dealing with emotions and being able to share with others what’s truly going on inside your mind and heart.

After recently losing his mother Hurricane Paula Johnson, Chad opens up about their relationship and how he’s struggled with the emotions tied to loss. Recounting the memories and leading up to her final days, Chad is very transparent that the relationship was unique in many factors but he wouldn’t have had it any other way. “It hurts to lose the person responsible for who I am,” Chad says, as he breaks down which brings Brandon and Channing to tears too. Fred follows it up saying that sometimes things in life are bigger than sports and different from what people portray on the outside, we all go through things and it’s ok to let that emotion out.

After a group hug of comfort and reassurance, Chef Nancie comes out and opens up about tragically losing her brother years ago and how the pain never fades but the good memories help make it easier to cope.

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Special Thanks to Botaniko Weston for providing us a location to film the episode.

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55 Responses

  1. Kspadetheprospect says:

    Powerful episode fellas. Keep being great!

  2. Hooper Hooper says:

    I don’t even know how to react to this episode, I love you guys for this talk right here ❤️, as a young blood y’all really setting the pavement for us

  3. VictionaryHD says:

    Man this show never miss. Powerful episode with powerful words.

  4. Chiseled Adonis says:

    Absolute POWERFUL episode. As a man we aren’t given ANY sympathy in this world nor are our feelings ever something that is brought to the table when discussing where we are in life. There’s nothing quite like that true genuine man hug… I struggle with emotion on the daily… My grandmother & my aunt passed & i couldn’t even give myself permission to shed a tear, but that last game i played on the football field had me balling like a damn baby & it’s been 10 years since. It’s something most men struggle with & we’ll all have to get past. These conversations are necessary to have & you need that support group around you for those mental health checks.
    To all the MEN out there… You are LOVED, you are SEEN & you are HEARD! There’s always somebody who may share your same experience. You won’t have to fall on your sword when there’s always soldiers around who will fight that battle alongside you! Seek that help & get yourself right! Peace!

  5. michael tacconi says:

    During and after ocho was telling the funeral story, watch Fred. He has the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen at that moment. Fred is a good dude.

  6. Edwardo Emiliano says:

    We all are OCHO but most importantly we all need someone like Brandon. Whoever is feeling 3 or 5 just know it’s okay we just need to get each other to 9,10… LOVE YOU GUYS

  7. Bella Dior says:

    Brandon stood with Chad in tears, Fred and Channing stood with encouraging words. They ALL covered Chad with love and allowed him to lean on their strength. 💖🤎💖🤎

  8. Natalie Honor says:

    “Don’t grab my butt” 😂 yup = gold. It’s great to see these guys be themselves and open up to each other this way. Thank you for sharing these moments 🙏🏽

  9. Eric Carter says:

    I’m a 34yr old Black Man!!! I have a wife, kids & family. I work 3rd shift and I small trucking company, a lot on plate. Said all that to say, this podcast is real life therapy!!! Every time I see y’all on my YouTube stream I stop!!!! Thank you 🙌🏾❤️

  10. Jake Angel says:

    This better top joe Rogan, continue to empower and improve bc tough times don’t last tough ppl do, love y’all!!

  11. Tricia Jackson says:

    Tears everywhere 🖤 I’m a mental health professional and these young men absolutely need to see and hear conversations like this more often. Keep it up guys! ❤🖤💪🏾

  12. yoyotupac says:

    I’m so proud and impressed by Brandon Marshall. That moment when he organizes that group hug is so powerful . It’s images like that that young and even some older black and minority men need to see and experience . What a leader this man is . You’re changing stereotypes and you’re changing lives . Major props and love man .

  13. Victor Arevalo says:

    Showing emotion don’t make us weak…

    • MZ.SCOOBY Scooby says:

      Word 💯💪

    • T.M says:

      True… but cry with a purpose… falling apart does not fix anything

    • ProjektRekt says:

      @T.M It’s okay to fall apart sometimes. There’s no purpose that can come from losing a loved one. And I get what you mean but sometimes we need that outlet.

    • solitairedoll says:

      @T.M nothing wrong with falling apart. We are HUMAN. Stop listening to society telling you to be “tough”. It doesn’t help.

    • Victor Arevalo says:

      @T.M Totally understand what you’re saying, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to loose your mother. It’s hard to be there for others when your rock has passed.

  14. Kacy's Kastle says:

    This show isn’t just breaking records….It’s changing men’s lives!

  15. Randall Gresham says:

    I’m convinced people just choose to be different and dislike something so positive and powerful for attention

  16. Zone Focused says:

    This show is a masterpiece, and what a lot of people including myself needed

  17. Its Bret Mead says:

    i feel like Brandon started the show like that specifically for Ocho

  18. ANDRE MARTIN says:

    Black men & young black men… need to see this unity! We not each other’s opp’s…

  19. Jaye Mauri says:

    A prayer, good home cooked meal, a man strong enough to cry out loud and a supporting male companionship … WOW in 2021 this is unreal. Thank you for the refreshing my spirit needed.

  20. Georgene P says:

    Permission granted: this show sets a standard! As a woman that hasn’t had any male figures in my life that were positive images it shows a different side of our black men. I keep coming back because it gives me hope and insight 😍💪🏾🙏🏾🎉 Celebrating all you all have accomplished and continue to be progressive not perfect.

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