Official Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer

Be Vengeance. Be the Night. Be the Batman.
Available 06.23.15

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20 Responses

  1. Charles Fernandes says:

    The “fake batman” is the Bruce Wayne. Only the strongers understood

  2. arnold nkani says:

    Can someone tell me who is arkham knight?

  3. boss final says:

    1:02 song name?

  4. choncy barbosa says:

    I’m so fucking excited.

  5. Porozora says:

    “This is how the batman dies” – probably because he thought he could take
    on Superman?

  6. Jay Podgorski says:

    Well that song was just awful

  7. Tyler Stringfellow says:


  8. Ben Villanueva says:

    Does batman really die

  9. Roberto Rosario says:

    bro this trailer is awesome

  10. the gaming beast says:

    The greatest hero of all time 

  11. Roberto Rosario says:

    I cant wait to get the game tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

  12. TallMist says:

    So, then… They’re outright shouting it at us that Batman’s gonna die.

  13. The Legacy says:

    We all have to stay strong everyone the time is near for the ultimate
    awesomeness that awaits us we just have to stay calm and patient.

    I can’t wait any longer it comes out tomorrow!!!

  14. colin8696908 says:

    designer: “darker scarier, darker scarier, darker scarier.”

  15. Dave Weinstock says:

    Umm for everyone the only true conclusion is death….

  16. Marco Garnica says:

    me to 12:30 I’m going to gamestop to get 2 games call of duty 3 and batman

  17. kamionkami1 says:

    I lOve How this is rated m

  18. Isaac “Ipod” Awesomeness//IA: GAMEPLAY AND MOVIES! says:

    Batman won’t die. They used the line “This is how it happened, this is how
    the Batman Died” line so many times, and Rocksteady isn’t stupid enough to
    put such a big spoiler in the trailers. Its just for the hype.

  19. Nikitas Psi says:

    Well…I expected a lot more in the graphics section…but still not
    disappointed :)

  20. johny1220 says: