Official Console Tier List

Official Console Tier List

Anybody who disagrees with me will be banned.

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38 Responses

  1. zarkflappysheep says:

    dunky has gone into a zone where irony and genuine emotions are so blurred together that they are basically impossible to distinguish and it’s getting disturbing

  2. Brian Vaira says:

    Dunkey said he hasn’t left his house in years, but then he said he was at a Walmart. So by this logic, Dunkey lives at Walmart

  3. Imma Morgana says:

    Dunkey has ascended to a point of existence so nobody can predict his next move

  4. Quentin Patterson says:

    I lost it when he placed SNES on C tier and said “You guys are so pissed rn”

  5. The Pirate Nation says:

    “You guys are so pissed right now” he isn’t wrong.

    • The Pirate Nation says:

      @glendar jj hello, welcome to Dunkey’s comment section where you’re making the same mistake you’re mentioning in your reply. Prepare your shoes, for they will be eaten.

    • glendar jj says:

      @The Pirate Nation in which case, don’t listen to me. I am nitpicking and biased. You win bye bye

    • The Pirate Nation says:


    • The18x18x says:

      The only people who are pissed are those who miss when Dunkey used to put effort into his videos. This isn’t even funny anymore.

    • The Pirate Nation says:

      @The18x18x Tonight…you.

  6. ironchicken87 says:

    The Console war is over. Dunkey has single handedly placed a daisy in every rifle of every diehard gamer. The internet can finally sleep in peace on this hard fought subject with his undeniable truth.

  7. Péter Menyhárt says:

    The PS2 version of Elden Ring is really an overlooked masterpiece.

  8. Typo205 says:

    “Didnt come out in America. Doesnt go on the tier list. C tier.”
    Comedy gold

  9. ProtonAlpha says:

    “He’s out of line but he’s right”

  10. RecD says:

    I can’t believe Dunkey actually found a way to describe “New OG XBOX Smell”

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