OFFICIAL VIDEO – FULL – Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster, but there is security

OFFICIAL VIDEO – FULL – Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster, but there is security

We were following the tabloid fave Kim Kardashian to her favorite restaurant in Paris, the Avenue restaurant, when famous prankster Vitalii Sediuk attacked the superstar in one of his trademarked routine, but this time the security smashed him to the floor !!!!

Wednesday 28, September 2016 – Paris, France
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20 Responses

  1. Lyna Shanel (Bella) says:

    it is the same bitch that attacked Gigi ?

  2. Yas ine says:

    wtf is wrong with this weirdo ?? now that’s a bodyguard ?? gigi’s ones
    are useless

  3. jennyB07 says:

    this is legit sexual assault, how come he didn’t get sued by someone yet?

  4. João Victor LOT says:

    senhora, senhora senhora

  5. StormShadowCrew says:

    Pascal, Kim’s bodyguard is the shit ! Compared to Gigi’s…..check out how
    fast he is !

  6. dimpleeyes says:

    So no one is going to press charges against this ass????

  7. Ruan Alves says:

    gente, esse é o vitaly do canal vitalyzdtv???

  8. Laila Rodrigues says:

    Taylor deu like

  9. luizvictorpb says:

    Se você curti esse comentário, amanhã você terá aula vaga.

  10. Casal Zuera says:

    Acho que de tanto que os youtubers reclama os cara faz de PROPOSITO!! Em
    alta top 1 Brasil … kkkkkk

  11. anderson cesar says:

    Que Bosta!
    mas ainda é melhor q Rezende heueehu

  12. Logan York says:

    This is why I let waste management handle garbage when it’s out on the

  13. Stewpotamus says:

    I was really hoping he’d land a punch on that ugly cunt

  14. Finch says:

    “Prankster”. I didn’t know sexual assault was a prank.

  15. Deli says:

    Is this the same shithead that kissed will smith at an award show?

  16. Tanya Tate says:

    That bodyguard was on point! Well done

  17. Michael E. says:

    good thing nothing happens to her cause we all know Kanye would of killed
    that man.

  18. JcMuscle 1 says:

    Again why is she famous ? Oh yeah sucking tip

  19. TheArle QinaH says:

    Pelo que eu vi ele tentou pegar na Bunda dela, esse cara é um mito !!!

  20. Paola Holmes says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk love kim
    i do sexy video