[OFFICIAL VIDEO] How Great Thou Art – Pentatonix featuring Jennifer Hudson

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] How Great Thou Art – Pentatonix featuring Jennifer Hudson


“How Great Thou Art” features bass vocalist Matt Sallee. You can see Matt perform with Pentatonix on A VERY PENTATONIX CHRISTMAS and on tour throughout the holiday season.


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68 Responses

  1. Vixor - Agario says:

    That girl can freakin sing

  2. PTX 152 says:

    Woo Hoo…..was waiting for this 💖

  3. Chai Tea says:

    This just gave me chills on every inch of my body! Jennifer sounds incredible as always!! Y’all better Slayyy!!

  4. Juliana Ha says:

    Have you guys got a new bass?! What is his name?!!!

    • PTX 152 says:

      Juliana Ha His name is Matt Sallee…..he is with them for their tour, TV special, album. Maybe permanent if things work out.

    • Juliana Ha says:

      Well, he’s doing well!

    • Kitty Paws says:

      his name is Matt

    • Lucy Foster says:

      Do you know which album tracks he is on? Does the album contain some rereleases of things Avi was on? I’ve pretty much tuned out since Avi left sorry (though I like Matt and think his voice has the right quality for the band)

    • PTX 152 says:

      Lucy Foster Matt Sallee is on “How Great Thou Art” and “Deck The Halls”…..Reno Selmser is bass on “Let It Snow”. The song “Away in a Manger” is just the 4 of them (no bass)…….all other songs were done with Avi.

  5. Joshua Jamias says:

    Who’s the guy next to Scott? New bass?

    • woodworks1423 says:

      Dude got a few things out, not bass stuff. But yeah he can sing.

    • Elly Aridan says:

      Joshua Jamias That is their bass for “the holiday season” Matt Sallee

    • Drieux Koeppel says:

      I like Matt a lot. His bass is of course different than Avi, but he has a richness of tone that’s really appealing. He recently graduated from The Berklee Conservatory in Boston with a degree in Vocal Performance. He’s got a lot of experience in acapella.

    • Drieux Koeppel says:

      I’m going to PTX Christmas concert on 12/20 in NYC. I can’t wait to hear them in person!

    • Jerry JerrBear Ravalohery says:

      Drieux Koeppel i guess, but Avi had richness of tone also, but he also and depth and resonance which defines a true bass, look at HomeFrees And VoicePlays bass Avi was in the same class as those guys…

  6. The real Slip says:

    You guys are great and Matt is a great fit for the group. Have a wonderful day and happy holidays!😀😁

  7. Isagail says:

    My mind is blown and my life has changed for the better. My skin is clear, my grades are awesome and most of all, *I CAN’T BREATHE.*

  8. Bumblebee332 says:

    Gr8 m8 I r8 8 out of 8! 👌👏

  9. ScaleyBananas says:

    As much as i love and miss avi, i think matt is doing amazing and i hope he stays!!!

  10. Derelle Cat says:

    10 SECONDS IN AND I’M BALLING!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tanisha Hodges says:

      Derelle Cat ok thank goodness cause I thought something was wrong with me. Music is powerful. Their voices are beautiful.

  11. charmink says:

    wheres Avi???

    • Esappx3 says:

      charmink he left the group

    • logan litton says:

      Sadly he left

    • Amanda Samson says:

      Yea Avi left the group. they haven’t sounded the same since. he said it was just getting too hard as the group tours and shows were draining. they left on great terms, so I’m hopeful in the future we might see a collaboration or two

    • Veronica Nathan. says:

      but still the new bass doesn’t sound as low as avi… but i still apreciate him thou… avi’s bass give their arrangement to the other level of accapella,

    • Reynold Yarbro says:

      Where have you been? Avi resigned from the group in the Spring, and left after the last series of concerts this fall. The Black guy on the other end from Kevin is the new bass (though not as good as Avi, obviously).

  12. angelina arbieto says:

    Love this !!! I would buy the new cd :b

  13. Come With Us says:

    Is anyone else wondering if Avi was in the audience during this?

    • anything_goes says:

      He’s Jewish, though? Why would he be at a Christmas event? PTX w/ Avi had thousands of performances, he’s not exactly eager to hear them live at shows when he’s heard them live in person for years.

    • It's Connie says:

      anything_goes he celebrates christmas with his family 🙂 he’s mentioned it before in their old interviews

    • Tiffany Buckner says:

      anything_goes He is from a Jewish & Christian background. And Avi has sung on three different Pentatonix Christmas albums and performed at many concerts & tv specials in the past. So no, I would say he’s never had a problem singing Christian Christmas songs. And he has already given PTX his support for this new holiday season even if he’s off taking time for himself

    • Reynold Yarbro says:


    • Lucy Foster says:

      He’s Christian too (a Messianic Jew).

  14. Ninni Buttons says:

    s h o o k

    I am amazed as always.

    Love ptx!

    I have chills

  15. The Tide ft. The Vamps says:

    this is the best acapella group ever😉

  16. Coca Cola says:


  17. Sweet Candy says:

    I really love PTX😍 like if u like it too….this is just increable😙

  18. kriho02 says:

    i guess im the only one that doesnt really like jennifer hudsons voice

  19. SM Sai says:

    Wondering what’s missing and there’s no bass singer 😔 Jenifer’s awesome btw

  20. laurene austria says:

    Guys, we all love Avi and we all miss him. But let’s give Matt a try. I’m sure he also wants to give his best for Pentatonix. Let’s just try to look at it in a positive POV – that is, Pentatonix is still out there singing for us, creating music and bringing light and inspiration to us. This is one of those times that they will need our full support. Let’s just celebrate whatever there is today. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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